May 18, 2021

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Ngati Whakaue Koeke wanted for Maori TV documentary

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Tena Koutou e Ngati Whakaue,

Further to our hui this morning at Tamatekapua re the Whare Taonga Documentary Series for Maori Television, we have been passed on a timetable for those of you who will be atending these filming sessions.

If you are able to attend or can get hold of and perhaps bring any of our 70s & 80s plus koeke to tomorrow’s filming session that would be appreciated. They will need to be there about 10a.m finishing around lunchtime.

Koeke 80s plus

  • Pihopa
  • Aunty Miro
  • Aunty Bonnie
  • Maia Loffley
  • Aunty Winnie
  • Uncle Bom Gillies
  • Rangikahiwa Mueller (Snooky)
  • Aunty Puia
  • Aunty Rita
  • Aunty Rosie (Maketu) 90’s plus
  • & others.

It is hoped to jog everyone’s memories and to hear some of the great koreroabout our whare taonga/tupuna Tamatekapua.

Monday 16 January.

0900 Whakatau
1000 Set up for filming kaumatua interview
1030 Commence Interview
1230 Lunch
1315 Set up for filming interview with Paki Wilson (re Carvings etc
1330 Commence Interview
1530 Set up/Shoot interiors of Whare
1800 Wrap

Tuesday 17th January

0900 Set up for filmimg Ngati Whakaue kapa haka performance
0930 Record performance
1130 Set up/shoot exteriors of Tamatekapua
1230 Lunch
1315 Interior beauty shots/Landscape GV’s Rotorua
1800 WRAP

Wednesday 18 January

0900 Set Up inside Tamatekapua
1000 Commence filming with storyteller Paki Wilson or other)
1200 WRAP


A 13 part Historical Documentary Sweries For maori Television

Whare Taonga is an exciting new 100% te reo Maori Series that tells the stories of incredible buildings around the country.

The history and significance of these buildings will be told through interviews with the hau kainga and will feature an iwi representative acting as a presenter and sharing the story of the building with our audience.

In each episode we will hear the story of a building of significance. The story of this building will be told from the perspective of iwi who have an intimate relationship with the building and knowledge of its history.

Emphasis will be given to the mauri and wairua of a building as well as issues of cultural and historical significance. The placement of a building, the land it is situated on and the incorporation and representation of tupuna into the structure will all be major aspects of each building we profile on the series.

As a subject that has largely been ignored until recwently- this series will look at the rich history of our architecture, and the common ideas and historic events that underpin many of our buildings.

This compelling and beautifully shot series will provide an incredible archive for generations to come and will preserve the knowledge and histories of buildings throughout the country. Some of the sites we visit will be well known to the viewer but others will have escaped the attention of the wider community.

The series will provide an opportunity for Maori Televisions audience to discover fascinating local histories through the buildings and for the people intimately involved with these buildings to share their knowledge.

Brought to you by the makers of the popular Maori Television series, Whare Maori, Whare Taonga, will be a lovingly crafted series that gives iwi a chance to share a building that is their taonga, with all of Aotearoa.

Scottie Douglas Productions.

  • Meg Douglas Producer (Te Arawa)
  • Ngatapa Black Director (Tuhoe)
  • Daniel Apiata Director of Photography (Ngapuhi)
  • Whatanui Flavell Sound/Camera Assistant (Te Arawa)


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