May 10, 2021

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OPINION: TVNZ insults Maori with poor Toi Moko interview, Bev Pullan

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On Thursday (Jan 26) Petra Bagust fronted Breakfast and interviewed Dr Fiona Pienaar, who was bought on the program to answer whether the return of the twenty Toi Moko from France would create closure for Tangata Whenua. Dr Pienaar is an academic whose expertise is in the area of Behavioural Science, specifically, child behaviour and counselling.

After watching the program several times via Face Book, I am left wondering why TV1 thought that Dr Pienaar would be able to enlighten Breakfast and the rest of New Zealand on this topic.

It was obvious that Dr Pienaar, who admitted that she had consulted a Maori colleague prior to coming on the show, was way out of her league. I also thought that Dr Pienaar and Petra Bagust, in trying to draw some comparisons between the Pike River disaster and the return of the Toi Moko showed lack of respect for either.

Surely someone from Breakfast could have trotted down their halls before compiling the program and liaised with the appropriate crew from Te Karere, Marae Investigates, or Waka Huia to enquire as to who could be approached and interview. But what we got was a slap-up interview that was clumsy at its best, and insulting at its worst.

Unfortunately Dr Pienaar could get caught up in the cross fire through no fault other than she agreed to speak about something she knows little about.

TV1 needs to up their game and Dr Pienaar well maybe next time she will give the name of her Maori colleague she went to.

Bev Pullan

2 thoughts on “OPINION: TVNZ insults Maori with poor Toi Moko interview, Bev Pullan

  1. why do they always ask non maori about maori things…if you want to know about how maori feel…ask maori….not two women with foreign names….its not rocket science

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