May 10, 2021

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PKW Incorporation launch Online Magazine

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Taking advantage of improved technology, PKW Incorporation launched in late December their first online edition of Whenua Magazine which can be found on their website under News and Events.

We have as part of our communication strategy wanted to look at ways in which we could improve how we let our shareholders and the wider community get a better understanding of our business and the people involved, says Chief Executive Mr Dion Tuuta.

We are excited by this new opportunity and have already had excellent feedback especially from our many whanau living overseas. However we realised that with the timing of going online just before Xmas, and the January holidays, this has meant not a lot of people know of this new initiative.

There will be four online issues of Whenua Magazine throughout 2012, two of which will go to print.

We understand that there are still many of our people who dont have access to the internet and who prefer the tacit experience of holding a magazine in their hands so we are coinciding our print editions with our Half yearly and Annual General Meetings notices, explains Mr Tuuta.

To encourage feedback on their new online magazine, readers are invited to send in their thoughts with a free edition of Beneath the Maori Moon History of Maori Rugby written by Malcolm Mulholland and donated by NZ Maori Tourism as a reward for the best email or letter received.

For more information contact Dion Tuuta on 067699373 or [email protected]


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