May 9, 2021

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Seeking successful Maori Businesses

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This panui was passed on to and offers an excellent opportunity to not only be profiled but to serve as an inspiration to those seeking to push the boundaries and develop successful Maori businesses themselves.

To all Maori business leaders: Tell your exciting story of journey and achievement in the new Te Rau Huia – Pakihi Maaori case book series, printing mid 2012. We look for 4-8 page engaging experiences how your Maori-led business achieved and excelled. Sample cases and easy-to-follow ‘how to write’ instructions available. Don’t be left out when Maori businesses tell NZ and the world about their accomplishments!!!

Authors include Jens Mueller, Associate Professor at Waikato Management School, Bentham Ohia is CEO of Te Wananga o Aotearoa, Tama Potaka is General Manager Corporate Services at Tainui Group Holdings and Hana Grant isService Development Manager at Poutiri Trust.

If you have friends who this would be relevant to, you may like to forward this link on to them and make sure they don’t miss this opportunity.

Anyone interested in submitting can contact Jens Mueller at [email protected], and if you require a sample case one can be emailed to you.

3 thoughts on “Seeking successful Maori Businesses

  1. Ae Tuaropaki have been nominated in the Business Category of the Maori of the Year awards along with Tainui Group Holdings Ltd, Mitai Maori Village.

    We’ve had a chance to check out the hot houses they have and it is absolutely incredible the processes they use, from start to finish, are environmentally sound, absolutely sustainable with caring for Papatuanuku at the heart of their operations.

    Ka mau te wehi!

  2. And another wealthy Maori-owned business which has excelled and achieved without tax-payer money is Tuaropaki Trust. If they allowed it, one could write a book just on all their $$$$$$$$$ successes.

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