May 10, 2021

Maori News & Indigenous Views supports the Worldwide Blackout

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Today, has joined in with actions of Wikipedia, Google, WordPress, Redditand others to support the growing wave of opposition to two bills in the US Congress: H.R.3261 “Stop Online Piracy Act” and S.968 “PROTECT IP”, these bills if they become law could radically impact and change the landscape of the Internet (not only in the US but internationally and specifically in Aotearoa New Zealand).

According to social networking site,, these bills provide overly broad mechanisms for enforcement of copyright which would restrict innovation and threaten the existence of websites with user-submitted content” such as

Thousands of sites around the world have joined in with various forms of online protest.

Content Manager at, Nikolasa Biasiny-Tule who is a US Citizen made her US represenatives aware of her opposition to the bills saying, “we’ve seen what happened here in Aotearoa and the lunacy of NZ’s Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill, now the US is following suit, which will hit NZ twice as hard, as many websites in NZ are hosted in the US. It’s nothing more than big business trying to limit our free expression online”.

So we ask you to take today as a day of focus and action to learn about these destructive bills and do what you can to prevent them from becoming reality. We have heard that already several politicans are withdrawing their support of these bills as a result of worldwide action! Ka whawhai tonu matou! Ake Ake!

What you can do:

To find out more, check out this video:





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  1. You go Tangata whenua – if they want to beat this tiiing den day need to bring price down for CDs,DVDs etc. Rediculus prices as if!- the prices support their decident life style!

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