May 8, 2021

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Kustom Air caps fuse Maori Design with Street Style

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Kustom Air has been going since 2007 and is the brand child of Naomi Paniora and Cameron Turner who live inTugun, Queensland.

The two havebeen involved with airbrushing for over 10 years. Originally they began with doing airbrush tattoos and quite naturally moved into clothing, shoes, canvas art and hats.

Their airbush talents have been showcased at stalls, markets and festivals throughout Australia.

The Polynesian community have been particularly supportive as they specialize in multi cultural designs.

We’re looking to get bigger and better and eventually open our own shop here on the GOLD COAST!!! says Naomi Paniora.

Their work is a fuse of traditional Maori design (kowhaiwhai) and street styles (airbrush graf art).


Click out their Facebook page, you can view their work, order via FB and find out more – to check there to check them out ->

2 thoughts on “Kustom Air caps fuse Maori Design with Street Style

  1. Heyy guys, was just wondering if you guys fo customized hats ?? And if I could get one shipped to Christchurch 🙂 I’ve been trying so hard to track down someone who air brushes hats and i love your guys work, i think it the most amazing I’ve seen so far 🙂 i want one just to remember my granddad by and fell in love with the Maori designs 🙂 how do i contact you fullahs??

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