May 17, 2021

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Maori Boy Genius premieres tonight to sold out crowd (+Video)

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Pietra Brettkelly’s feature documentaryMaori Boy Geniuswill premiere today to a sold out crowd of 1000, in the Berlinale’s Generation programme. Many congratulations to her!It’s always exciting when a New Zealand film is accepted ( and even better then it’s relevant to Maori!) to a major film festival and in competition and this year there are two:the featureTwo Little Boys opens in the same section tomorrow. Blogger Wellywood Woman aka Marian Evans invited Pietra to talk andwas thrilled when she agreed.

Marian asked Pietra about her filmmaking start; being a producer as well as a director; the Binger Filmlab; working with Lars von Trier’s editor Molly Stensgaard; Danish filmmakers whosee themselves as ‘storytellers’, tend not tocategorise films into ‘documentaries’ and ‘features’ and use whatever they need to tell a story; the challenges of working from New Zealand and of funding docos; her Indiegogo campaign and advice from Jennifer Fox of the legendaryMy Reincarnation; her distribution plans for Maori Boy Genius;and her experience of the screen industry as a completely equal opportunity sector.

MAORI BOY GENIUS trailer from pietra brettkelly on Vimeo.

Maori Boy Genius synopsis from the Berlinale catalogue:

Ngaa Rauuira is a chosen one. At an early age he was able to impress the elders with his intelligence and his affinity for his ancestors culture. Having been taken in and raised by his grandparents, who never learned the language of the Maori, no sooner does Ngaa Rauuira become a teenager than he decides to fight for the rights of New Zealands indigenous population. Single-mindedly yet instinctively, he sets about acquiring the necessary tools for his quest.This documentary follows its youthful protagonist to Yale where he is preparing to study politics, philosophy and law. Although he is still too young to become a parliamentarian, Ngaa Rauuira is already treated as a beacon of hope by his people who have every confidence that he will one day become New Zealands prime minister. Director Pietra Brettkelly demonstrates how closely her protagonist is embedded in his peoples ancient culture a culture that is in turn informed by a deep-seated spiritual connection to nature. The viewer gains a sense of the power of this spirituality when Ngaa Rauuria performs the ritualistic Maori war dance known as haka.

3 thoughts on “Maori Boy Genius premieres tonight to sold out crowd (+Video)

  1. When I saw him go from Yale University in the US then he was part of the Waitangi Protesting group – it was like WOW!! I can see the raising up of the YOUNG CHIEFS in Council, to take their rightful places on our Marae paepae also. Kia Kaha!! Look out here comes the MILLENNIUM LEADERS OF MAORIDOM!! RAISED UP BY OUR ANCESTORS OF OLD! I believe that the Maori people will lead ALL other indigenous out of the Colonisation Patterns that have oppressed us for the last 150 years!!

  2. Wow. This is awesome. Ngaa Rauuira is an inspiration to us all and the fact that the film that was made about him is being recognised by a major film festival is truly magnificent. Congratulations Pietra!!

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