May 18, 2021

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Maumahara….Remember who you are a short film needs kakahu Maori

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MaumaharaRemember who you are, is a Professional short Film, being made by Tokirua Multimidea. Shooting dates are from the 16th 18th March 2012, and will be primarily shot at Tamaki Maori Village.

The film is set in both the present day, and pre colonial days. Part of the film will be shot in Auckland, but the bulk of the film will be shot in Rotorua at the Tamaki Village.

The film is being made in order to raise funds for the Whanau Marama Parenting programme which teaches parents, how to lovingly and effectively raise their children

Because this is a low budget film we are looking for people who could allow us to borrow puipui, fine cloaks,pake, kaitaka, capes or any type of traditional Maori clothing . If anyone would like to donate there time to help weave some of the costumes this would also be much appreciated. This is an non paid position however we can offer a few things just to say thanks:

  • Credits in the Movie
  • Copy of the Movie on DVD
  • Invitation to the screening
  • You will also be helping support a noble cause (Whanau Marama Parenting)

The costumes borrowed will be looked after with extreme care and have someone looking after the costumes every single day we have them. If you are happy with allowing us to borrow your costumes but would rather you care for your costumes we would appoint you as head of the Wardrobe department. You would then be required to be on set from 16th-19th March. All meals will be provided and accommodation.

Thank you for interest and please call or email if you are interested or would like to know more information.

Ma te wa

Nikta Baines
[email protected]

1 thought on “Maumahara….Remember who you are a short film needs kakahu Maori

  1. Tena koe e hoa:

    Great to se you still going hard out e hoa. However, a slight error, you have the wrong logo? Ask Tamati for the TokiRua Movie Studio logo. Keep up the good work anyway. It is going to be a great film!

    Naku noa


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