May 19, 2021

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More on Holmes and the Herald | Mauistreet Blog – Morgan Godfery

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We all know this Paul Holmes rubbish annoys me, but to be honest, I dont care so much about what he said, its the fact that the Herald published it and that 99% of Pakeha dont care when Maori are on the receiving end of abuse.

In publishing Holmes racist rant, the Herald failed to uphold acceptable standards of media ethics. Media organisations are under an obligation to run a range of views, but those views must meet requirements of good taste, decency and acceptability. Holmes piece did not meet these, in my opinion, low requirements. The Herald also owes it to society not to print racist rants. If they do, they legitimise that racism and provide a platform for the other racists to perpetuate their views. This, more often than not, hurts the race, usually a minority race, on the receiving end.

Holmes piece, and the Heralds complicity, serves to entrench poorly informed opinions and, more significantly, drags public discourse down to the sewers. The sick comments under Holmes piece and on some right blogs is a testament to this. Im not going to quote any of it, if I do Ill probably throw up on my keyboard. Holmes has really brought the scum out of the woodwork.

Another aspect of this that disappoints me is the lax, dont care response of most Pakeha. Sadly, Bryce Edwards (who is very sensible 99% of the time) holds that Holmes has raised legitimate views. This is a common sentiment. However, he hasnt. Holmes is resetting the Treaty debate and taking race relations back to the 80s. In terms worthy of the 19th century, Holmes is relitigating things that are settled. The Treaty is an accepted and important part of our constitution and society. Maori are an important part of our political system. Maori grievances are legitimate and work is progressing to heal the wounds. Historical grievances and contemporary struggles still fuel Maori anger. There is no debate over these things.

Imagine if the situation was reversed and a prominent Maori broadcaster slammed greedy Pakeha land thieves, slammed paedophilia as a Pakeha problem, slammed the propensity of loser Pakeha men to take Asian brides, slammed fraud as a scourge on all Pakeha. There would be outrage and rightly so. Its untrue, its unfair and would constitute racism. Holmes rant is on a similar level. Slamming Maori as hateful, loony, irrational, fat and so on. Imagine for one second that Holmes was vilifying you. And imagine it from the position Maori are in. Powerless. No one listens (hell, no one cares), you dont know how to respond (i.e. dont know about complaint mechanisms, public pressure etc), the list goes on.

14 thoughts on “More on Holmes and the Herald | Mauistreet Blog – Morgan Godfery

  1. Very insightful comments. I wonder whether the Herald would have printed this? Probably not, I am very disappointed at the level of balanced journalism in this paper. Hand in the pocket of the government, scary.

  2. Funny how Paul Holmes article on the Herald website had comments switched on, where as AUT Professor Taonuis article has comments switched off. . . Taonui’s article was so one-sided, it’s worth touching on some of his points:

    The theory of White Privilege explains how dominant European groups consciously and unconsciously maintain the advantage of the inter-generational wealth they accrue from the subjugation of subordinate ethnic and indigenous groups.

    – This explanation is not relevant to modern NZ. Its merely more apologist claptrap and excuses from Maori such as Taonui for a disproportionately large percentage of his people refusing to look to the future and achieve. The advantage he mentions is called personal responsibility and hard work. Intergenerational wealth comes from financial literacy (from commitment to study and education) and hard work. If these disaffected Maori began respecting themselves, looking to the future and not the past, and sought to better themselves through personal responsibility and hard work rather than tax payers money, they would find they too have the intergenerational wealth he speaks of.

    They do this by lauding their domination as progress, denying history. . .

    This is exactly the point. It is history. Its the past. Those disaffected Maori should look to an inclusive future with the rest of NZers, not divisive protesting and constant chasing of the tax payers dime.

    Mr Holmes laments the behaviour of protesters towards Pakeha dignitaries, but is blissfully unaware of the vilification and ridicule Maori human rights advocates face on a daily basis.

    Holmes is quite right those protesters behaved in a depraved and (ironicaly) uncultured fashion. Taonui mentions savages in his writing well that aptly describes the rabble protesting that day. They look to dwell perpetually in the past and to fuel the I Want It (IWI) treaty gravy train. The PM and any sensible NZer should refuse to engage with such heaving idiots.

    Between 2002 and 2006 28 Maori kids were killed in this way. We know their names. But who remembers the names of the 48 Pakeha children who suffered a similar fate.

    Interestingly, Taonui doesn’t put these figures into percentage terms if he did, we all know that the 48 Pakeha children would be a vastly smaller percentage of that population subset. Again, perhaps a large dose of self respect, personal and community responsibility, commitment to paid work, and looking to the future (rather than the past and a handout) might help solve the problem. But no, its all Whiteys fault and the tax payer must keep on paying.

    Treaty settlements which now total $1.3 billion are less than the $1.77 billion paid to compensate mainly Pakeha investors in South Canterbury Finance.

    So there were no Maori investors ? Why would that be ? A widespread lack of financial literacy (from no commitment to study and education) and hard work perhaps ? See my comments above on how to remedy this.

    As with our Pakeha forebears, he wants Maori to be good, meaning silent.

    No Taonui misses the point yet again (or perhaps doesn’t want to listen ?) Holmes wants Maori to look to the future, to stop chasing the taxpayers dime, to respect themselves and be inclusive in society, and to take personal responsibility rather than blaming everyone but themselves for their problems.

    Protest has been the principle driver of improvements in our race relations over four decades. Nothing has been freely given. Protest is a powerful force for positive change because it raises the consciousness of the disempowered, the awareness of the silent majority and emancipates bigotry. Protest is by nature mobile and will easily accommodate changing the name or location of Waitangi Day. As long as there is injustice there will be protest.

    Rubbish. Maybe it started out this way. But not anymore. These protestors Taonui speaks of merely wish to milk the taxpayer for all theyre worth. They want to avoid working for living and personal responsibility. They want a perpetual handout.

    Holmes views echoed around the country and have clearly a ground swell of support. Most of the country is sick of this sort of behaviour and guilt talk about the past. Maori should clean up their act, move on, and include themselves in our country, not look to the past and fuel divisiveness.

  3. Well said, Morgan.
    Like you, what I found even more shocking than Holmes’s actual idiotic rant was the almost complete concurrence of all those who responded. I had hoped we were much more evolved and grown up than that – but perhaps I live in a bubble and the circles I move in are somewhat narrow – I don’t meet people with such vile views very often (thank God).
    I couldn’t help thinking though, is it possible that the Herald filtered out many of the responses that disagreed with the piece?

  4. Finally, I’ve made it into the 1% 🙂

    Seriously, Holmes is an egg. He represents the “me” rather than “we” view on life. The “me” people are out there – pumped up by mis-leaders who want to keep us divided so they can rule us all more easily. They come in all shapes and sizes and from all cultures. If you are reading this, you probably already know who they are.

  5. Hey thank you Mr Morgan Godfrey, for expressing so astutely your insight and response to this subject, it has been a relief to read, especially because a lot you have expressed is similar to how I am feeling about the matter.

    I guess I wanted to put forward and encourage the idea that there are many pakeha, like myself, who see this crap for what it is and are concerned, nay disgusted, ashamed and furious about such abuse. Don’t be believing it is only 1 out of every 100 who care. 🙁

    I am relieved to have read the other comments of support for your views. I am especially grateful to Chelsea Raharuhi, for being thoughtful enough to realise the horror/disgust that many white people are feeling in response to the horrendous rant that was printed. That was very enlightened of her. 🙂

  6. Your commentary is intelligent and spot on, Morgan. Just want to say that I’m Pakeha and I care, even if I don’t speak up often enough and say it. I wish more Pakeha cared too and said it, not just about Maori being denigrated unjustifiably but about the whole business of the ranting bullying Pakeha media deliberately acting to whip up a braying mob. Unethical doesn’t begin to describe it.

  7. And shame on ‘The NZ Herald’ for publishing such crap! The Chief Editor is probably part of the ‘scum that’s come out of the woodwork’..I once has an ex-mother-in-law that was probably the most racist cow I had ever known back in the 70’s..but how could she get away with the fact, one daughter-in-law was maori, the other part aboriginal..she was often mistaken for a maori because of her olive skin (shock horror!!) however when her whakapapa was done it was found that her background stemmed from BLACK JAMAICAN..he was beside herself..she is still a racist bitch today, along with her new daughter-in-law which is BOGAN Australia by birth..biggest laugh of the century..and NZ Herald publish this if you want..

  8. Paul Holmes, is the mouthpiece of the far right, that bemoans the continuous existence of Iwi as a political force.

    It was not convenient for history that the land was occupied by the many Iwi. So we were lumped all together and labelled Maori all the better for stereotyping and marginalization. Both of these practices are the refuge of a lazy bigoted mind.

    Mr Holmes and his cohort need not participate in Waitangi Day, as many New Zealanders’ choose not to participate in the Judaeo- Christian feast days, and also find other ways to distract themselves from the multimedia hype.

    The New Zealand Herald, therefore is not a noted purveyor of journalistic integrity no matter how officious the masthead. It really aspires to no other loftier vision than wrapping the kitchen scraps.

    No wonder so many of my whanau are living in Australia, where they have sought after skill sets, and are considered integral team members in corporate structures, and communities.

    The Maori Diaspora is New Zealands’ loss.

  9. Coming from a Pakeha who does care – Holmes’ comments were unacceptable. The racist stemmed from a lack of understanding on the subject. How such an article can be printed is beyond me. It wasn’t of any shock value, it was downright disgusting. Like you say he brought to life issues that had already been dealt with, what this country needs is for Pakeha to stand up and take responsibility rather than burying our heads in the sand and deluding ourselves with the tripdd Holmes wrote.

  10. Typical of a ‘radical’..typical of a 10th generation british colonial and his we in Australia have to listen to his raru raru on Channel 10..when he throws his racist rants around here..he’ll be made to pay for it big time!!!Shame on the Network for hiring him..

  11. I think he’ll be running for politics before you know it – yet another ignorant person in the beehive

  12. I felt extremely hurt by the comments Paul Homes made about Maori, and now i feel sad for my many Pakeha relatives and friends who do not share the same views as Paul. However I have accepted that we Maori have been and most probably will always be seen through the media as Mr Homes sees us, Yet it will never change how i feel about my people and our Whakapapa. Maybe if his Ex Hine never dumped his racist ass, then maybe he wouldnt hate Maori so much. But who knows, His life must feel worthless if he cant see past his own selfish hate towards Maori. Id rather he wallowed in his misery, then get any attention from us.
    Kia Ora

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