May 10, 2021

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3 thoughts on “Paul Holmes – not worthy of discussing.

  1. I happen to think that Paul Holmes comments are quite appropriate. So, it’s ok for Maori to speak like this about us and we have to shut up? That’s the way it’s been for ages now.. different rules. How about stopping with the grievance and getting a bit of positive action happening. As in positive role models and parenting to break the cycle. Maori are not discriminated against today, although thy like to play that card as often as possible.

    The behavior at Waitangi ‘was’ despicable. And who got the blame……? de Bres had a bit to say about that..
    The poor behabior was with the Maori but us pakeha got blamed.

    The rift is widening, not closing… why?
    That finger needs to be pointed inwards for a change.

    1. nicely put nikki waking up to some home truths can be hard by the looks of it, just blame someone else for your problems.

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