May 7, 2021

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Plan to encourage more Maori to train as midwives

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(Radio NZ) The Maori Midwives Collective Nga Maia plans to change its business model and launch a marketing campaign.

Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia officially opened the organisation’s new national premises in Hastings on Tuesday.

National Board member Jean Te Huia says the move from having an office in Christchurch, which was destroyed in last February’s earthquake, provides opportunities to significantly boost the number of Maori midwives.

She says where as five years ago there were 270 Maori midwives in New Zealand, now there are only 125 who are registered.

Ms Te Huia says is keen to encourage Maori secondary school pupils to become midwives, as well as mature women who are keen to re-enter the workforce.

2 thoughts on “Plan to encourage more Maori to train as midwives

  1. Kia Ora
    My name is Judy Semenoff.

    Fostering our ancestral birthing with traditional home births I would love to be kept up to date…

    Thank you Jude

  2. Kia Ora
    My name is Tawera Trinder. I come from Puketapu, Taranaki. I currently live in Te Aroha and I am an undergraduate in midwifery, first year. I am am very interested in this article. I too find it saddening to see such little numbers of Maori midwifes practising in NZ. I am really challenging myself with this course both, academically, financially and emotionally.I have not been a high academic wahine, I travel an hour each day by to my course and home again by car, as the days are Mon-Fri and from 8am-5pm therefore travelling by bus is not an option. Finances are not so easy. I have two young children of 4 and 8yrs old; therefore I need to not only dedicate my home time to them and housework, but also to my study and assignments at home. I am howver coping and taking each day as it comes. The more I learn and interact in the lectures the more passion I get from it. My philosophy is to foster our ancestral birthing traditions which have been shoved under the rug and clinical/scientific aspects of life is taking over. I would love to keep in touch and keep up to date withder this discussion. Thankyou naku noa Tawera Trinder

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