May 10, 2021

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Select Committee hearing on Whanau Ora dispels recent criticism says Flavell

Maori Party MP for Waiariki, Te Ururoa Flavell, is challenging the critics of Whanau Ora following this mornings M?ori Affairs Select Committee hearing in which Te Puni Kokiri presented progress on Whanau Ora.

The evidence provided to the committee showed Whanau Ora has been seen as a significant opportunity for all families involved to respond to the needs of the whanau as a whole, said Mr Flavell.

The presentation put a stop to the spurious claims around middleclass welfarism and instead gave tangible proof about how the approach is assisting and enabling families to find their own solutions, he adds

The evidence also debunks recent claims about brown providers and about how Whanau Ora is taking money from other departments.

Whanau Ora is premised on delivering better results for families – it’s an inclusive approach that seems to be resonating with many cultures.

“It’s a fundamentally different concept than the way some are describing it. Whanau Ora isn’t a service – it’s about building service capability and whanau engagement, so that whanau can manage their own lives.

“It’s great to see the shift from outputs to outcomes; from talk to action. Let’s place some faith in our families; stop treating them as the problem and instead become solution-focused, ends Mr Flavell.


1 thought on “Whanau Ora a template for all

  1. I agree with Winston Peters about whanau ora,a lot of providers get the funding but don”t provide for there communites,unskulled works
    working with our Rangatahi you need to have life experience to work with our tamariki that came from disfunctional famalies. there are alot of as that have came from those backgrounds an we are ready to help guide our rangatahi in the right path.

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