May 8, 2021

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Wild Ginseng and Maori Traditional Ecological Knowledge feature at Forestry Finance Conference

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Wild natural ginseng growing under pine tree canopy that can increase the revenue streams being earned from forestry land, is an initiative the Maraeroa C Incorporation want to share at the upcoming Forestry Finance event.

Our Ginseng project and the findings from our China Market research and added value product development will be shared with the conference participants says the Incorporations Chief Executive Glen Katu.

The Maraeroa C Incorporation wants to promote the growing of wild natural ginseng, which is now being termed the new kiwifruit, with Maori forest owners and relevant industry and says the conference is an ideal platform to share their success.

In addition to our field days we operate at Pureora, Te Kuiti, the conference will give key industry leaders an insight into why growing Ginseng is complimentary to forestry, says Glen.

Other prominent speakers include Dr Kepa Morgan from the Engineering School at Auckland University who will talk about integrating Maori Values and the potential role for Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Forestry Management. And Jacob Kajavala, Managing Director of KFLtd and President of the Forestry Industry Contractors Association who will deliver a presentation on Iwi interests in forestrys future.

All speakers bring to their roles a strong belief in the potential for Maori people in rural communities to make good on the potential for growing their own peoples opportunities in rural communities around NZ and capitalizing on industry associations.

For more information or to register at the event go to:

For all media enquiries contact Marisa Balle 021 880 527 or email [email protected]

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