May 10, 2021

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Flavell appeals to Minister to protect sacred mountain (RadioNZ)

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Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell has asked the Government to ensure a sacred Bay of Plenty mountain does not become part of a Tuhoe treaty settlement.

The Ngati Manawa Claims Settlement passed its third reading in parliament on Thursday.

The Ngati Manawa tribal boundary includes Murupara, Galatea and the Kaingaroa forest near Rotorua.

As part of the bill, Mount Tawhiuau will be returned to the tribe, but after a short time it will be transferred to the Crown and gifted to the people of New Zealand.

Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell says Ngai Tuhoe is currently in negotiations with the Government to have the Urewera National Park returned.

Mr Flavell asked Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson to keep Tawhiuau out of the Tuhoe settlement because the sacred mountain is within the Urewera National Park.

In Parliament, Mr Finlayson appeared to take note of the appeal – nodding and taking notes.


3 thoughts on “Flavell appeals to Minister to protect sacred mountain (RadioNZ)

  1. Te Aotearoa Will Not Be Afflicted With Re-Writing
    Of History.

    “Traitour” Te Arawa Iwi Was With The Pakeha New Zealand
    Government, Soldiers Attacking Te Tainui Kiingitanga
    Of Waikato, That Whararoa Brilliance Shown In Ngaruwahia.
    A Bread Basket Golden Age Of Tainui Ngaati Maniapato Iwi
    Who Were Attacked By Te Arawa Iwi, Of Which Having Sold
    Their Souls To The Pakeha, Who Made An Early Deal To Make
    Hell’s Gate That Roman English ‘Bath’ Tourism Hell Hole Early
    And Quick In N.Z. History, With Sulphur Signture Deals With
    Pakeha Aggressors, And Against Te Tainui Kiingitanga – 1860s.

    Te Arawa Iwi Are Traitours, With Pathetic ‘Hot Tub’ Pakeha !

  2. TE ARAWA never signed the Treaty of Waitangi! In the 1st order of history. We should be seeing the first Maori Judge raised up from the Arawa people to JUDGE TE RITI O WAITANGI – treaty which led to the Coat of Arms symbol – which represents the NZ Crown COURTS – established and operating here!!!

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