May 18, 2021

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He aitua | Dr Hone Kaa

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The Venerable Dr Hone Kaa B.A., M.A.(hons), D.Min. (EDS)

Ka tanuku! Ka tanuku!
Ka tanuku koa te tihi ki Hikurangi, ka tanuku!
Ka waipuke! Ka waipuke!
Ko Waiapu te waipuke roimata, puta noa atu ki te wahapu ki Rangitukia, ki Ohinewaiapu!
Ngati Porou! Ngati Rakaipaka! Kua pani koutou!
Kei te tangi hotuhotu te motu ki a koutou ko to koutou rangatira!
Aue! te mamae!

Whanau from around the world are mourning the loss of Dr Hone Kaa, a man the Maori Party has described as a “fierce advocate; a champion for our children; and a veteran activist for the wellbeing of our whanau.

(Radio NZ) The Archdeacon of Tamaki Makaurau, the Venerable Dr Hone Kaa, who was known for his efforts to stop Maori child abuse, has died in Auckland.

Dr Kaa, who was of Ngati Porou and Ngati Kahungunu descent, was an advocate for Maori rights in the 1970s and later worked as a radio and television broadcaster.

He also worked for the Anglican Church overseas, supporting indigenous development.

More recently, he started Ririki, a national body devoted to stopping the maltreatment of Maori children. He was also a spokesperson for the lobby group Every Child Counts.

Dr Kaa died in hospital late on Thursday night.

His tangi will start at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Auckland on Friday afternoon and his body will be taken to Gisborne on Sunday.

The Maori Party put Matua Hone’s work into perspective releasing the following statement,Dr Kaa has been closely associated with initiatives that sought to protect our tamariki and our whanau said Mrs Turia. We remember his significant contribution as chairperson of Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri; his leadership of Every Child Counts, and as Chair of Te Kahui Mana Ririki, an organisation to promote the wellbeing of Maori children.

As a man of the cloth, he has been a mentor to many said Dr Sharples, co-leader of the Maori Party. Archdeacon Kaa has played a vital role in overseeing the two Auckland pastorates. He was a senior Anglican priest, a kaumatua and a senior lecturer at Te Rau Kahikatea Theological College, St Johns.

But his legacy also moved beyond the pulpit to the big screen. Hone worked in Maori Programmes TVNZ, he was Maori Director at Aotearoa Radio, and he was the visionary behind Te Tepu, a cutting edge current affairs programme on Maori Television.

Hone always encouraged us to live up to the legacy left by those before us said Dr Sharples. He championed protest, and his church gave shelter to those seeking justice. His recent series for Maori Television, the Prophets, was typical of his style recording the leadership of prophets such as TW Ratana, Te Whiti and Rua Kenana while at the same time encouraging us to think deeply about the nature of Maori responses to Christianity.

Our thoughts are with the whanau of Rangitukia the hapu and iwi of Ngati Porou and Ngati Kahungunu the tamariki, mokopuna, whanau Kaa, and indeed the congregations and collectives that will today be mourning such a distinguished leader of our time” said Mrs Turia.

“We hear that Ngati Porou were gathered together, following the third reading of the Ngati Porou legislation, when they heard the news that he had passed away; no doubt a fitting stage for his ohaaki to the people”.

The nation has lost a man of great faith; a courageous leader; a far-sighted thinker, and a greatly loved koroua for his people”.

“He had a laugh that could light up a room, he was a beautiful orator and his life was an example of how we could be – he could never let an injustice go unchallenged. His enduring challenge to us all was that we needed to do so much better by our children”.

No reira e te rangatira, anei matou e tangi nei e mihi nei ki a koe. Haere atu ra, hoki atu ki a ratou ma e whanga mai ana ki a koe. Takoto mai, takoto mai, takoto mai.”

4 thoughts on “He aitua | Dr Hone Kaa

  1. I absolutely loved watching and listening to Hone Kaa! I am so totally gutted right now. What a huge loss to our people, such a great Rangatira!
    Rest easy Matua Hone.

  2. So sad to learn of John’s passing as he’s given so much to the world, & esp Maori. What a huge act to follow.

  3. Moe mai ra Koromatua Hone KAA. where are the true FIERCE WARRIORS to take a PUBLIC STAND against injustice, as you did? YOU will be greatly missed. Arohanui Arohanui he tangi tangi o te piwakawaka.

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