May 9, 2021

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Iwi leader concerned at destruction of countrys history

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A Tauranga iwi leader is calling on other leaders to take a close look at the levels of historical land being sold or traded before adequate archaeological investigation is completed.

One property in particular has cultural significance for at least four iwi and hap? in the Welcome Bay area, says Awanui Black.

The site on Kaiate Falls Rd has an ancient walking track on it, middens, burials and is a place where many toki or adzes were found in the past and placed in the Tauranga Museum.

He is calling on the Historic Places Trust and local government to make a more concerted effort to take these things into account, so to prevent what could be a costly and lengthy legal dispute.

What is left then becomes a messy Resource Management Act battle which to be honest can be quite preventable.

If we get it sorted in the beginning, the new buyers dont get a property with a major legal challenge on it.

Getting some peace of mind research that gives irrefutable direction is a common sense approach, Mr Black said.

The whanau who live on the land have been there for many generations and do not want to sell, but are being forced to. It is unfortunate as they have been great kaitiaki of the land and its stories.

Contact: Awanui Black 021 225 5503

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1 thought on “Iwi leader concerned at destruction of countrys history

  1. Very interesting point. Just for the sake of the numbers. Maori land online states that there is 1,450,000 Ha of Maori land in NZ. There are approx 600,000 Maori in NZ. divide 1,450,000 Ha by 600,000 and you have approximately 2.42Ha for every Maori man, woman, and child (Or land proceeds) the average family of a husband, wife and 3 kids would own 12.08 Ha…. There is a huge discrepancy here with these numbers, am I the only one that can see it?

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