May 17, 2021

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Tamararo 2012 results announced #KapaHaka (unofficial)

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The weather may have dampened the land (a good tohu!), but the wairua held strong. 1000s came out to celebrate the Tairawhiti region’s Senior Kapa Haka teams in Gisborne.

The event was moved as a result of the atrocious weather and was held at the Gisborne Events Centre.

The top 4 teams that won today have qualified for the Kapa Haka Nationals’s, TE MATATINI to be held in Rotorua 2013.

  • 1ST – Waihirere
  • 2ND – Whangara
  • 3RD – Tu Te Manawa Maurea
  • 4TH – Te Hokowhitu a Tu
Placings are as follows:
  • WHAKAEKE – Whangara
  • WHAKAWATEA – Whangara
  • KAKAHU - Waihirere
  • TE MITA O TE REO – Whangara / Waihirere
  • MOTEATEA/WAIATA KoROUA – Tu Te Manawa Maurea
  • POI – Tu Te Manawa Maurea / Whangara
  • HAKA – Whangara
  • WAIATA A RINGA – Whangara
  • KAITATAKI WAHINE – Waihirere
  • KAITATAKI TANE – Whangara

Waihirere proudly boasts a long and highly successful existence. The group was formed to foster excellence in Maori performing arts, both traditional and contemporary, and as they approach their 60th year in 2012 they can quietly celebrate their journey. This includes: 5 time winners of the national Te Matatini Festival; representing Aotearoa nationally before HRH Queen Elizabeth & Prince Phillip and Prince Charles & Princess Diana; representing Aotearoa internationally at the South Pacific Festival of Arts; and performing locally, nationally and internationally with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa.

Whangara mai Tawhiti were national champions at Palmerston North in 2007 and second-place winners at Te Matatini in Tauranga in 2009.

11 thoughts on “Tamararo 2012 results announced #KapaHaka (unofficial)

  1. kia ora yes ka pai Waihirere, everybody who is hating on them shush, im sure that the 30 odd years Tangiwai and George Ria have been tutoring the group would know exactly how the rules would be, so dont go hating on the best group ever knowen, happy 60th annerversary

  2. Thanks ROller COasty. We enjoyed our performance and its great to hear positive feedback for once. There are so many haters out there. It’s a pity that when you reach the top, people want to bring you down. So not tikanga m?ori when haters roll like that. We are very humbled and will always be humble no matter what people think and say. So thanks again ROller Coasty, made my day 🙂

  3. True that…how did they win? I am a Kingi from Waihirere and still I can see that the results surely show it should have been Whangara…But too much Waihirere doing what alot of our wahanau havent got the balls to do!!

  4. hmmm do you reporters actually confirm weather your koorero is pono lol and have you’s even been on a regional/national kapahaka stage i mean just looking at your so called results like yhirere 1st hmmm

  5. In tamararo aggregate winner is ineligible to win categories other than mita, kaitataki, kakahu. if you know you’ve won the items you know you didn’t win overall.

    1. Ae, tautoko. Thats how we roll at Tamararo unfortunately. Congratulations Waihirere. Your bracket was solid, well deserved win. Happy 60th Birthday by the way. You guys won the 1st one back in 1952, the 50th in 2002, and yesterdays 60th. All the best for a 60th anniversary. Who knows, hopefully we might have a turn winning too! Lol

    1. The winning team can only win the tamararo shield and non-aggregate items. The aggregate trophies get given out to whoever placed 2nd/3rd in the items. Tamararo has different rules and they’ve pretty stayed the same since its beginnings…You know you’ve won when you win Mita O Te Reo. In this case it was a combination of that and not being placed in any of the aggregate items that it was clear Waihirere would win this year.

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