May 7, 2021

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Waikato Volunteers nomination pack

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About the Volunteering Waikato Volunteer Excellence Awards

This awards evening is our (and your) opportunity to thank and recognise the individual and collective good done in our community by volunteer effort.

Why nominate someone?

The aim of the Volunteering Waikato Excellence Awards is to highlight the volunteer effort that goes into helping not-for-profit groups achieve their potential. It recognises individual achievement, while publicly acknowledging all voluntary effort. These awards are also an opportunity for all community organisations to publicly express their thanks to the volunteers.

All nominees receive a Certificate of Appreciation to mark the occasion of their nomination for the award.

Who can be nominated?

Any volunteer or volunteer team working for a non-for- profit organisation can be nominated. The awards are open to all volunteers in the Greater Waikato. Your organisation does not have to be a member of Volunteering Waikato to make a nomination.

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