May 8, 2021

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Warning to Overseas buyers of NZ assets sent Worldwide | Harawira

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Clearly the National government is not listening to the people of Aotearoa New Zealand, despite their slim win at the 2011 elections, PM John Key has continually stated that this WAS his mandate and his government will sell the precious assets which have been built up over generations.

So it was quite satisfying to see that the Mana Movement’s leader, MP Hone Harawira rise to the challenge and tell the world know that if you come to buy NZ’s assets you may be taking on a whole lot more then you bargained for, in his “Open Letter to Overseas Investors” released today, it is made clear that “legal battles and direct action from citizens determined to protect their own interests” will serve as an impediment to these investments and no doubt will impact on them adversely.

Meanwhile there is a citizen’s referendum happening, which has been initiated by Grey Power which is seeking 300,000 signatures to stop the sales of SOEs.

The first reading of the bill which will allow for the sell off will take place today.

Below is Hone’s full text press release, which has been sent to the world’s media:

Leader of Mana and MP for Te Tai Tokerau Hone Harawira
7 March 2012

Tena koutou katoa -Greetings to you all

The New Zealand government is proposing to sell shares in five State Owned Enterprises (Air New Zealand and four energy companies, Mighty River Power, Meridian Energy, Genesis and Solid Energy) to repay overseas debt.

That proposal is opposed by an overwhelming majority of New Zealanders who believe that:

  • Assets built up through the hard work of generations of New Zealanders should not be sold to investors whose primary objective is not the public good, but private profit;
  • Privatisation will remove any social responsibility from companies who until now have been responsible to government ministers;
  • Electricity assets in particular, should be held by the government on behalf of all New Zealanders, for the benefit of all New Zealanders, at a price we can afford;

The government should hold and manage those assets for the benefit of all citizens of this country.

As the indigenous people of Aotearoa, Maori have been even stronger in their opposition. The Maori view is that no asset sales should proceed until Maori interests in those assets have been properly addressed.

Maori have already made application to the Waitangi Tribunal to block the legislation. A separate case is before the High Court. Steps are being taken to take the case to the United Nations (under the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) and Maori groups have pledged to take action against sales to overseas interests which impact on our sovereignty.

In a related case, following months of public protest, the High Court has called on the NZ government to reconsider a decision to approve the sale of farm land to overseas interests.

So today I think it only proper to send a warning to overseas investors – steer clear of any share offer in the above SOEs. The purchase of these shares is likely to see you caught up in legal battles and direct action from citizens determined to protect their own interests, both of which will be lengthy and costly and have an adverse impact on the value of your investment.

As the leader of the MANA Movement and Member of the New Zealand House of Representatives, I wish to advise that MANA is opposed to the privatisation of state assets and will strongly argue for any shares sold to overseas investors to be returned to New Zealand hands.

You have been warned…

Hone Harawira


5 thoughts on “Warning to Overseas buyers of NZ assets sent Worldwide | Harawira

  1. Thankyou Hone for standing up for the people and what they are saying, totally support you and Mana Party on this Kaupapa. Aotearoa belongs to us not foreign investors.

  2. Kia ora Hone, at least ONE of our MPs remembers that he has been elected into the House to represent THE PEOPLE!

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