May 8, 2021

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Police ban protester from John Minto and Glen Innes

1 min read received the following photo of one protester’s bail conditions detailing that they are not allowed to associate with Mana Movement co-vice president John Minto are travel to the Glen Innes community.

We’re wondering what happened to the right to political association? John Minto is after all one of the leaders of a political party that has a presence in the New Zealand Parliament.

10 thoughts on “Police ban protester from John Minto and Glen Innes

  1. I am behind you 100% John Minto regardless of that false document states, the police know the truth behind that piece of paper that is being published. By no means give them the satisfaction I observed that last night, at the protest while marching up Apirana Ave during the night 16/08/2012, they forcefully pushed the people that were peacefully protesting to test whether they would retaliate back. So much for law abiding citizens in the name of materialsm, capitalism and wealth,ethnocentric or egocentric they would serve to protect that but not serve to protect the PEOPLE….

  2. Hmm… I note that “Minto” is in caps… does this means that the protestor is only forbidden to associate with the legal fiction that is John MINTO? But they can still associate with the freeman that is John of the family Minto. Just wondering…

  3. This is bad law. be a good law abiding citizen. Do not be a bad
    law abiding citizen. I Geoffrey Robert Burns say this is bad law
    ignore it. It does matter what what that scrap of paper says
    we all have the right to freedom of association.
    This is a democracy.No one have the authority to say who you can
    associate with. That only happens in dictatorships.

  4. Wipe your arse on it and show up as it is absolutely meaningless in a democratic country of peaceful allowable protest. Something derived from the Syrian leadership one concludes. The fucktard or tard’s in the police who wrote it need psychiatric treatment urgently…from all accounts the fucktard in the police who made the order to use violence became a liability which is absolutely not acceptable in this instance.

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