May 12, 2021

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Rotorua Lakes High School hit again by arson attack (+photos)

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A classroom was aflame this evening as Emergency Service vehicles made their way to Rotorua Lakes High School. (9:16pm)

Eye witness reports confirmed that the class that Aunty Bea uses for relief teaching and which was attacked by arson last week was again attacked tonight and from our understanding completely destroyed. The class had several of the school’s new computers housed there and we are unsure if these resources were still in the classroom.

At the time of writing there were three fire trucks on the scene with several other support vehicles.




























2 thoughts on “Rotorua Lakes High School hit again by arson attack (+photos)

  1. Who would do that?the most important classroom of the school is wrecked because some munted people have useless ideas running around in their heads.there should be security cameras around the school.Thanks to all the docsh bags out there who had ruined my house group and the most important classroom out of the whole school.

  2. As a close neighbour of the school my household is very concerned. We are constantly on the look out for trouble going on in the school over our back fence. Trouble makers are common in this area. In fact, I have never lived in a neighbourhood with so much trouble. I hope they find out who did it…. but I am certain it will be hard for the police to work out who exactly is involved, given the amount of trouble makers that are frequently in the school and roaming the general area at all times of the day and night.

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