May 7, 2021

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Te Reo Channel Re-Launch!

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There will be more te reo on television from April with the re-launch of the 100 per cent Maori language channel, Te Reo.

The channel, which turns four this year, is to extend its broadcast hours to include more childrens and youth programming. It is also launching a new live daily Maori language show.

From Monday 16 April, the channels weekday broadcast hours will be brought forward from 7.00pm to start at 4.30pm. Te Reos weekend broadcast schedule will run from 7.00pm to 11.00pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Te Reo executive producer Eruera Morgan (Te Arawa/Tainui) is excited about the changes.

Te Reo is a window that connects us with the Maori speaking community and this re-launch will no doubt increase the programming opportunities for the channel and the community it serves.

Morgan will also host the new live daily infotainment show, MATAORA, which will screen weeknights from 6.30pm 7.00pm.

He says MATAORA reflects the changing face of Maori people.

It has its basis in our origins and also brings us into the future to face those future challenges, he says.

MATAORA will feature some of New Zealands best te reo speakers as well as those who are new to the language.

The show will look at issues affecting New Zealand and offers an engaging and alternative view to daily news and entertainment, with discussion about current events, sports and youth issues.

With the increased hours, the Te Reo channel will focus on children and rangatahi programming from 4.30pm to 6.00pm.

Programmes such as PUKORO, which is aimed at pre-schoolers, and MIHARO, which has programme content specifically aligned with school curriculum areas, will screen on the Maori language channel for the first time.

The pioneering Maori language childrens programme PUKANA moves to an earlier timeslot of 5.30pm.

Daily news programme TE KAEA also starts earlier, at 6.00pm, just after the live bulletin screens on Maori Television.

Te Reo is available only on digital and can be accessed via Freeview Satellite channel 24 and SKY channel 59.


ERUERA MORGAN (Te Arawa/Tainui)
Eruera Morgan is from Rotorua and of Te Arawa/Tainui descent. Having a passion for Te Reo and its future, Morgan studied journalism at Waiariki Polytechnic, before moving into Maori Radio and then Television. He is an experienced interviewer with a unique style and an instinctive ability to stimulate korero.


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