May 13, 2021

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Whanau takes to YouTube to help save their little boy + how you can help

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This beautiful little boy has Accute Myeloid Leukaemia. He has a very aggresive strand (M7). He hasnt responded to Chemo as well as his whanau had all hoped. They are in a desperate situation and are desperately searching for treatments (outside of New Zealand) that may help save his life.

The whanau have turned to the internet using YouTube as a last resort in the hope that someone somewhere in the world may be able to help their precious boy.

A website has been set up to support the family and keep loved ones informed of Chace’s progress.

Ngati Ranana has also taken up the challenge and has raised almost $8K so far (that story is detailed below).

So what can YOU do in those 4 months?

Help Raise Funds
The drug trials cost 220,000 and so far just over 60,000 has been raised (including the money raised last weekend’sMaori vs Morris Men). That means, together, we need to raise another 160,000.

Find out if you can Donate Bone Marrow
With only 9000 Maori / Pacific Island donors on the bone marrow list, to date no-one with a close enough match for Chace has been found. There has to be someone out there so please spread the word!

(Waatea News)Londons Ngati Ranana has raised almost $8000 to help a Waikato toddler get treatment for leukaemia.

Three-year-old Chace Topperwien is to undergo an experimental treatment at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton, England.

Bruce Simpson from Ngati Ranana says the group has been haka-busking to bring in funds.

It made a stir at last weekends Oxford versus Cambridge rowing race on the River Thames.

The group also did a combined performance with traditional English Morris dancers.

Chaces parents, Ryan and Keri Topperwien have appealed for more Maori and Pacific Island donors to come forward in the hope of matching Chaces bone marrow.


4 thoughts on “Whanau takes to YouTube to help save their little boy + how you can help

  1. I pray that help will come to you very very soon. God Bless keep strong precious little one and mum and dad and your whanau.

  2. I pray that help will come to you very very soon. God Bless keep strong little and mum and dad and your whanau

  3. kia ora whanau,

    i encourage you to check out the above website as you will find this very interesting also if you are on facebook accept me as your friend and i will add you to a website call purple rain there you will find information on kangen water and how it truly helps all the diseases our bodies carry’s…..

    My nephew at the age of 5yrs was diagnose with nympho leukemia after 8 days the doctors said he had no leukemia in his body this was because his mum gave him kangen water…..he is now 6yrs old and you wouldn’t think he was ill,…..

    kia ora

    Anne keelan

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