May 19, 2021

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Biggest ACT donor “We all dislike Maori”

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The biggest donor to the Act Party says he gave the money to Don Brash and John Banks so they could stop special treatment for Maori who were “either in jail or on welfare”.

In an extraordinary interview with the Weekend Herald, Louis Crimp said he believed he had the support of Brash, Banks and other “white New Zealanders”.

Mr Crimp made the largest financial contribution to the Act Party for the 2011 election with a $125,520 donation.

His comments have appalled Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples.

But the Act Party last night affirmed Mr Crimp’s right to have his say – and welcomed future donations if he was inclined to make them.

Mr Crimp, a multimillionaire businessman, said he was inspired by Dr Brash’s controversial 2004 Orewa speech and supported Act when the former National Party leader took over as Act’s leader last year.

“I supported Act because I thought Brash would go along the way for Maoris to be treated like equal New Zealanders … they don’t get any more than a normal New Zealander and we’re all the same.

“The money I gave was to get Don Brash in to go with his things about the Maori. I know white New Zealanders want the Maoris to be treated like ordinary New Zealanders.”

Mr Crimp, 79, said he had met Mr Banks – now Act Party leader and a Government minister – within the past few days and was encouraged he would pursue the same goals.

“He’s lonely. He needs somebody else in there [Parliament] with him.”

Mr Crimp said Act should have taken a harder line on Maori during the election even if it led to public outcry. “All the white New Zealanders I’ve spoken to don’t like the Maoris, the way they are full of crime and welfare.”

He said he had asked Dr Brash why questions about special status for Maori were not pursued harder during the campaign. He said he was told the issue had been campaigned on but had been ignored by the media.

The campaign came after the Rugby World Cup, which showcased Maori in a way Mr Crimp opposed.

“It was an embarrassment at the Rugby World Cup, [Maori] coming to shore in canoes, with hardly any clothes on, waving spears and poking their tongues out, all painted up.”

He said it was intended as a welcome but would have terrified visitors.

“Every opportunity the Maoris get they have to do this war dance, whether it is for a funeral or something happy or a wedding. They feel they have to take all their clothes off, stick tongues out and wave spears. That’s not New Zealand.”

He said New Zealand was poorer because of Maori claims, welfare, language revival, television and crime.

“The Maori language, that is the biggest waste of money that New Zealand has ever spent on anything … $500 million a year to promote the Maori language.

“It’s making New Zealand poorer by paying the Maori out the welfare and the language.”

He said that when he met Mr Banks, he complained about the cost of Maori TV.

“He agrees and so does Brash but somehow or another it didn’t get across to the public.”

Mr Crimp said the Labour Party had given Maori “special benefits” for 30 years to get votes.

He said the Act Party should not be in a coalition with the Maori Party. “What are they going to claim for next?”

He said the party had to be more direct, although it was not able to position itself as “anti-Maori”.

Asked if his political views could be labelled racist, he said: “I don’t give a stuff what I’m called. You have to look at the facts and figures. This is the problem with New Zealanders. Most of them dislike the Maoris intensely – I won’t say hate – but they don’t like to say so.”

He said there was such nervousness among those he expressed his views to that he would ask if they had Maori blood.

“They don’t like to say anything against the Maoris. They say it very quietly with their eyes looking around.”

He said Maori were over-represented in crime statistics.

“I’m an Invercargill person and there’s hardly any Maoris down there so this doesn’t happen. But in Auckland, you pick up the crime page in the Herald, most of the faces in the Herald are brown in the crime page.

“The Maoris in jail are 51 per cent of the people in jail and yet they are only 13 or 14 per cent of the population. They’re either in jail or on welfare.”

According to the Department of Corrections, as at March 31 last year Maori made up 51.2 per cent of New Zealand’s prison population. Maori make up about 15 per cent of New Zealand’s total population.

Dr Sharples said Mr Crimp was “out on his own … this guy – where does he get off?”

He said he had worked well with Act Party MPs.

“If Mr Crimp told the Act Party that’s the reason he’s giving them the money, they should have turned him down.”

Act’s president, Chris Simmons, said he disagreed with Mr Crimp on some areas but respected his right to have a view.

He said he saw Maori culture as “part of our culture”.

“One of the beauties of the Act Party is we believe everyone should have their say.

“That’s his view.”

Mr Simmons said the party would take Mr Crimp’s money again.

Mr Banks, Act’s sole MP, did not respond to calls.

Shortly after Mr Crimp’s donation, a squabble erupted inside the Act Party over its election advertising plans.

Advertising guru John Ansell quit the party after adverts he designed asking Kiwis if they were “Fed up with the Maorification of Everything” were cancelled.





15 thoughts on “Biggest ACT donor “We all dislike Maori”

  1. U r absolutly right white power guy, i bow down to u for ur amazing courage and wisdom, thank u for sharing, i now bein maori, fuk my life and my ancestor, i hate myself im gna kill myself. Goodbye world

  2. How bout this, fuck treaty, fuck tangata whenuas, fuck tikaga, fuck maraes, fuck elders, fuck pork and puha munching koros
    Fuck sovereignty, shouldnt hav sold ur land u dumb fuks, so what if the translations r different, moan about it all ur life or harden the fuk up u bunch of fukn fags. Queer kunts WEEEEEEEEHHHHHH WEEEEHHHHH “article 3 says this and that and” FUCK OFFF u winjing kunts, go b australias problem, im a white man hu luvs picking up young maori prostitutes and paying them 50 bux a blow job hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Fuck maori, fuck em all. They are a waste of space and should all move to australia and breed with the dirty abo fucks. White power forever

  4. I don’t agree with anyone getting special teatment over others. We should all work hard, and be rewarded for our hard work by being able to co-exists in this wonderful country, together as one people. Economically, the country cannot afford to keep giving millions away to the Maori people, and Billions have already been given, so there should be an end to it for the sake and survival of the country as a whole. The government needs to do what is best for ALL, and not keep doing secret deals behind closed doors.. and they need to stop worrying about lining their own pockets… after all, their role is to serve the people, not serve themselves. Although Mr Crimp’s views may seem extreme to some, the basis of what he is saying is sound, and I agree, many New Zealander’s agree with what he says but are too afraid to say so in case they are labled racist. It may already be too late to save NZ from devastating economic decline, what will it take to make people stand up and take notice of what is happening?

  5. Love this quote As for certain Maori who rant total shit about the invading foreigners, I often ask them which wooden boat has the original sovereign ownership and did that give that canoe priority over all that followed.

  6. Mr Crimp, the Maori are not going away. So you should. I’d suggest you find yourself a nice little home in a KKK stronghold in the deep south of the USA. Among fellow fascists you’ll be a lot happier — and so will we, without your revolting stench. Don’t let the door — or my boot — hit you in your patheitc bum on the way out. Jerk.

  7. Yet more reasons to say no to so called handouts and concentrate on Sovereignty and Land/Ocean Rights (above and below). Maori Sovereignty maybe the only way to keep these fools from selling Aotearoa off overseas piece by piece.

    1. Sir Peter Tapsell in August 2009 wrote:
      I have read your submission from cover to cover and I agree with you completely. You have formulated a cohesive and articulate argument and backed it up. I cannot believe the government has not done something about it, its appalling.
      What’s it about? Maori selling sacred Matakana Island. Did the $75m go to the iwi? No- it went in the back pockets of the leaders of Ngai Te Rangi

  8. well if you had not banned it in the first place Mr NZ government…then you would not be paying for it now would you? der

  9. Wow! What does he want me to do apologize for being born as a Maori, should my children throw away their culture and dislike themselves because they’re probably going to commit crime anyway? Culture killing has been going on for years – the jews, the aboriginal’s etc…

  10. Id like to know where this special treatment in nz for maori is? We get fuck all. A tv station our language. Our people shud be running doc, department of fisheries, tourisim ventures. We shud be the major farmers in nz and the seafood industry should profit our people.our children should be growing up with a future in these industrys. We were once the wealthiest people in the land but that was stolen and raped from our people. The pakeha who think like this man have no idea are ignorant stereotypical pigs. I no not all pakeha think like this. The media has alot to answer for the herald seem to enjoy printing shit latly. The gov feeds it. Ignorant people belive it.

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