May 18, 2021

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Building Stronger Relationships in Te Urewera

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Te Kotahi a Tuhoe will continue building relationships with stakeholders in Te Urewera National Park at a meeting in Rotorua on May 3 and May 4.

We have invited a wide range of stakeholders in Te Urewera National Park to discuss the park, how they value it and the principles and priorities which might guide the management of the park in the future.

Tuhoe initiated contact with stakeholders in 2009 and we want to continue to build solid relationships with them and understand their views. Te Urewera is our home and the place all Tuhoe originate from. We also recognize and welcome that others greatly value Te Urewera.

Building relationships with stakeholders is part of a wider effort to engage with all those with whom we share interests and with whom we believe we can work productively.

We expect to have a more active role in the park than in the past, whatever the result of the settlement negotiations, and we think stakeholders share this understanding. It makes sense for a better Te Urewera that Tuhoe and park stakeholders build relationships that allow all our interests to be recognized and accommodated.

This meeting is another step forward in a process designed to build those relationships. It follows the Relationship Agreement Tuhoe signed with the Crown in July 2011 and a Relationship Declaration & Engagement Protocols with the Department of Conservation in November 2011.

The meeting will be attended by a wide variety of stakeholder groups, including recreation groups and local authorities. Tuhoe has retained Landcare Research to provide expert objective assistance to the meeting. Representatives from Tuhoe, the Department of Conservation, and the Office of Treaty Settlements will also attend as observers. The Minister for Treaty Negotiations will be one of the speakers.

I will hold a joint press conference with Hon Chris Finlayson, the Minister for Treaty Negotiations, at 12.30 on Friday. Speeches from key meeting speakers will be distributed. Media are also invited to hear Mr Finlaysons address to the meeting. This will take place at 11.45am. The remainder of the meeting will is restricted to participants. The venue is the Distinction Hotel, Fenton St.

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