May 10, 2021

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2 of Urewera 4 sentenced to 2 1/2 years

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( LATEST:Two of the ‘Urewera Four’ – Tame Iti and Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara – have been jailed for two and a half years.

Iti began a loud haka as he was escorted out to begin his sentence.

The four – Iti, Urs Signer, Kemara and Emily Bailey – were found guilty of unlawful possession of military-style firearms and Molotov cocktails at training camps held in the Urewera Ranges in 2006 and 2007.

Signer and Bailey had their sentences adjourned but home detention was signalled.

Supporters in the packed public gallery chanted with Iti as court security hurriedly cleared the court.

Crown prosecutor Ross Burns today urged the judge to impose jail terms saying the crimes were serious and the jury had rejected the explanation that the camps were “wanangas” or training for people who wanted to work in the security industry.

“I still wait, as does the rest of the country, (for an explanation) as to what the Molotov cocktails were for,” he said.

“The suggestion that police should have gone up to Mr Iti and told him to pull his head in is naive in the extreme. Firearms are not a joke,” Burns said.

Justice Hansen was emphatic that despite a “Dad’s Army” aspect to the camps, their intent was serious.

“A private militia was being established. That is a frightening prospect to our society.”

The judge said one of those involved held extreme anarchist views and there was talk among the participants of killing, using explosives to kill, and attempts to “smash the state”.

The four’s defence lawyers argued for discharges without conviction – in essence, no penalty – but Justice Hansen denied the applications saying convictions had already been entered and there was no jurisdiction to do otherwise.

Russell Fairbrother, for Iti, said his client had a good character and a leading role in his Tuhoe tribe.

He said the jury’s failure to rule on the organised criminal group charge meant the activities observed could “arouse curiosity” only.

“It is a big step to move to something of a malign purpose.”

The defence maintained the camps were wanangas for learning bush craft but the judge said the jury had rejected this “utterly implausible” explanation.

If the jury had accepted they were wanangas, the camps would have had a legitimate purpose and that would have been a legal defence.

As the legitimate explanations had been rejected, “What possible other explanation could there be for what the participants were demonstrably doing?” Justice Hansen asked.

After a six-week trial earlier this year, all but Signer were found guilty of five charges of unlawful possession of firearms, and one charge of unlawful possession of a restricted weapon – Molotov cocktails.

Urs Signer was found guilty on four charges of unlawful possession of firearms, and one charge of unlawful possession of a restricted weapon.

Iti, Kemara and Bailey were found not guilty of four firearms charges, and Signer not guilty of five.

The jury could not decide on the most serious charge laid against the four – participating in an organised criminal group.

The Crown decided this month not to pursue a retrial on that charge, because doing so would add further expense to an already high cost case, and unprecedented media coverage could make it difficult to find an impartial jury.

The trial jury were asked to decide whether Iti, Kemara, Bailey and Signer were participating in military training camps in the Urewera ranges in October 2007, or if the four were engaged in a more innocent pursuit, teaching people skills to gain employment in the security industry in the Middle East.

– Fairfax NZ News

122 thoughts on “2 of Urewera 4 sentenced to 2 1/2 years

  1. Kia ora e hoa ma/Hello friends. I am saddened by some of the comments made on this thread. I am a Pakeha and I believe that if all Pakeha did some genuine research into New Zealand history we could begin to understand why the wrongs of the past are still affecting Maori today. I believe this knowledge could help us move forward more easily and peacefully. There is a book called “Whawhai Tonu Matou/Struggle Without End” by Ranginui Walker that I would definitely recommend. I would also recommend learning some Maori language. Through learning the language you will be more able to understand the Maori culture and realise the beauty and wisdom within. Let’s all work together for peace. Arohanui ki a koutou katoa.

  2. Kiaora you natives of Aotearoa Who said We are Maori…I am a native of Tuhoe get it right…What happen do me a favor please…Cut the Crap ok…Maori and Pakeha Who the Heck do you think you are all let My People Go!!!!Tuhoe Tuatahi…My Cuzzie Tama Iti…What is 2years…I can do that in no time…Wait till you get out…Do what you want to do to tuhoe…But you can never take the heart out of Tuhoe…We Won hehehehe…Dont worry…Tuhoe will take care of Tuhoe…So Those who call themselves Maori Again…Better tell the Truth…Who you are Mauri Ora


  3. Kiaora you natives of Aotearoa Who said We are Maori…I am a native of Tuhoe get it right…What happen do me a favor please…Cut the Crap ok…Maori and Pakeha Who the Heck do you think you are all let My People Go!!!!Tuhoe Tuatahi…My Cuzzie Tama Iti…What is 2years…I can do that in no time…Wait till you get out…Do what you want to do to tuhoe…But you can never take the heart out of Tuhoe…We Won hehehehe…Dont worry…Tuhoe will take care of Tuhoe…So Those who call themselves Maori Again…Better tell the Truth…Who you are Mauri Ora

    Pa Riikau ////TUHOE TUATAHI

  4. Let me see: the jury says not guilty for terror type charges and finds them guilty only of illegal possession of firearms which is a minor charge. Yet the magistrate claims that this is sufficient for him to sentence them as though something sinister was going on towards the state? we are truly living under the influence of the lawless, morally depraved and ignorant. The worst kind of anarchy.

  5. Tame is a beautiful man with a lot of heart. If you knew him you would have a lot of respect for him. He is a man who fights for what he believes in. He is a man and a leader with a strong sense of purpose and Identity. He will overcome whatever the Crown throughs at him because he is of a breed of people who will stand and stand firm.
    Kia kaha Tame. We are standing with you all in prayer. Amine.

  6. Well, I have managed to get through all the messages posted. I can honestly say
    with complete understanding of both sides view that it was amusing and entertaining
    but in most ways quite humurous, and provided more kick than the Budget.
    After coming back home from Oz after 9yrs i find kiwis are more uptight that when
    i left, and always use the race card to express their utmost hatred of a topic
    no matter what ethnic group you belong too, The media fuels that fire as well.
    Is it the weather? the economy? your individual circumstances?, your upbringing? your ethnic background Your Iwi? All things that provide the passion for you to voice your agreement or disagreement.

    When i heard the verdict my gut feeling is that I was disappointed they got prison
    , I had not agreed to things that Tama did when i was living here 10yrs ago.
    A terrorist? Camparing him and his group to overseas extreme terrorists?
    Yep not that naive – kiwis could usually smell bulls##t a mile away seems some still
    can’t in fact looks like the majority cant RE: National govt -we voted them in.
    Back to the topic.

    For Jasmine – Kia kaha, never be ashamed of who you are you cant control the
    actions of other people that may have the same bloodline as you – colour, belief.
    More so abroad where people are more worldy most people celebrate each other’s culture
    but as a individual person is what people are really attracted too.
    For some of the commens made here I am sure their not really people that other
    people are attracted too without knowing them personally, my bad if im wrong here
    but reflection of yourself will know actually youll deny it.

    Home detention would have been more appropriate i think – but hey thats my own individual opinion not taking in to account that I am Maori/Samoan/Chinese- I have great looking kids to a Kiwi girl – (her roots cornish old english), just my pure opinion.

    The law is their to protect and serve and is dependant on what side of the fence
    you are at the time that this statement holds true but more importantly based on
    Treaty of Waitangi, Urewera group – is this opening any blinds to let the sun in??

    The verdict though can sometimes be grey?, for the legal faculty out there how is
    this usually determined?

    Humanity! People is whats important, freedom of choice , freedom of speech ,
    compassion, understanding,respect, equality underlined by aroha.

    Kia kaha for the injustice and common people.

  7. At last for those who have been in Power of my Country; for them there time is Neigh. As my Tupuna’s and Rangatira’s were taken from Papatuanuku wept in Silence, forgave them and let the many who Slaughtered them, layed down there Humble Rakau’s too those many Pakeha’s who had invaded our Life style.Give back my country too my People…Let us do what we want too do with our Country,for we the Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa Katoa are Ready for the Challenges ahead of us…Tihei Mauriora..

  8. At least now the rest of the world see’s NZ for what it is. A place full of hatred and racisim not the land of the long white cloud at all where people live in harmony in a blue pacific ocean but a land where seperatisim has always been a way of life for many where there are two seperate laws and rules where foreigners have taken over where no one is happy and the place is full of moaners

    1. Robert Smith, you obviously are full of what you say Nz is full of.
      Life in Nz is what you see it to be. I have many happy family in Nz who are white and Maori. The only ones who separate them are those who say so.
      You can not speak for the people you can only speak for you.

  9. Lets do a statement that is peaceful and bring forward a Hikoi, for those we as Kiwi and Iwi Know that they are Innocent Fathers and Wahine, not produced as a, noted Terrorist, laugh out loud certain people from the govt. have their opinion, certain parts of government think people may all be sheep Baa Baaaa what do you think ? LOL!!! Lets step forward in what is right, this is a worry for New Zealanders need to think if this is going to be exceptable what will NZ govt explode next!! I’m Waikato backing up Tuhoe. Lets walk the talk Hikoi!!! Not my place to set this forward I am shore my sisters from Tuhoe have all ready organised this!! I’m in and we can all facebook each other yeah!!!

  10. Racism is thriving in New Zealand; the evidence is clear. Maori must use education as a tool to balance the scales of power. Iwi trusts, nationwide, must broaden their scope of financing more scholarships for those keen to commit to 4-6 years of intense study in the areas of law, politics, business, health sciences, education and social development (some examples). Parents, insist on high quality education delivery for your children, from the Kohanga Reo stage; insist on excellence in every avenue of their learning. We must approach life’s injustices with a new mindset; lets ‘arm ourselves with knowledge’. This is the way forward …

    1. Racism is only a word, it is the meaning placed behind the word that gives any word power, you are most definitely right about arming oneself with knowledge.
      Wake up and see the beauty with your people, and then maybe the people will see it amongst themselves.

  11. I can’t be bother reading anymore rascist bull crap from both sides…you have all lost it ….crazy…

    If this is the court ruling then so be it…Its taken 6years for it to be held in courts…they’ll take into account of the time they were jailed and probly only spend 6month and get off on good behaviour..

    If the juries saw them are a threat so be it…
    Its ashame ppl have turn this in a rascist thing…crazy

    Love My Country…throught I loved the ppl but reading all this I’m ashame …Embarrassing…

    Arohanui e te Iwi..xoxoxo

  12. I read here, where maori want this and that, IF, you are referring to the land claims..I suggest you learn history. for example the Privy Council agreed… Ngai Tahu were the courts…PROVEN to be FRAUD.also
    – the scenario of land holders, farming for four generations… what

    we were here prior, and dont want your dirt. and my hapu/ whanau have retained their land
    – it is the law, legislation and your leadership…messing up! not us…

    – majority of Iwi Maori I know are educated, skilled and are in positions of responsibility..not all of us… are as described…..get into the real world…

  13. Kiaora, besides having extreme ideology and views to others while in procession of very serious weaponry, it seem’s that nobody was injured or any solid evidence that any one was targeted to be injured. Is the cost of secrete service surveillance and operations, the damage and effect done and held by the hundred or so people and their family’s in their homes in a obvious maori community ignition ally detained, the court case costs, the attempted push through parliament of the terrorist act to legitimise secrete service activities when mine health and safety (west port), maritime law (rena), other seas fishing boat workers laws or regulation need work on.
    So the result I think is a waste of resources, maori’s targeted 4 terrorist activity, attempted law changes and prison sentences for persons in illegal procession of possible illegal military weaponry which should apply to all NZ’s.

  14. ama7 sqit

    I don’t recall the maori taking captain cook
    and the other pakeha soldiery to prison because they were
    packing weapons of mass destruction firearms field cannon
    viruses white education the doctrine of discovery … if we are
    going to open the book on justice and history let’s open it the whole
    way and look at who perpetrated the genocide and who resisted …
    the resistance is ongoing because the colonization and the imperialism
    is ongoing … aho


    1. Awww get a life, we don’t go back before the laws of this country were written. TODAY WE ABIDE BY THE LAW OF THE LAND or that is what some do, others think they can do as they please. This has been proved over the last few days it does not work that way.


  15. – “Different” Laws, for different people…..lets face facts
    – What Tuhoe do in their back yard is Tuhoe business!! I dont recall folks getting threatened or murdered!..
    – however, remember, the local people were traumatised?? by the law… obviously acceptable in to days society?
    – do we learn…from past court cases in N.Z. where”past” lies” have also been exposed where the law keepers…have broken the LAW

    – if there was equity, WHY can company directors get away with bad/ mis management of share holders $$$.funds.. that has affect and traumatised so many personal lives…
    – so, WHY are they are not all serving time???
    – why has the crown poured so many resources into this case. when there are so many people homeless, hungry, cannot afford medical fees…
    – AND living in poverty


    1. Traumatised you say, have you forgotten about ‘scribble face’ firing a shotgun at OUR flag in a public place? In your book that is O.K. This is what a sick society the Maori have turned it into.
      We really need to remember what these foul activists have done in the past and got a slap with a wet bus ticket. They are causing more upheaval with no respect from NZ for such childish antics.
      I have lost any respect I had for a handful of your race due to the crap that is continuing week after week. In fact I will not allow any Maori on my property nor employ any, they can’t be trusted any longer.

      1. Wow do you no any Maori,I don’t think so.
        I’m assuming, like I am of you that all your info comes from tv or paper…or you are KKK who are the most rascist ppl on this planet…not educated,heads buried in the ground…
        So sad.


      2. OMG gwet a clue… You sound like a biggotted red neck, people like you make my job as a parent of Maori children bloody hard. Especially when you are trying to teach them that they are equal to all and valued.

      3. the white pricks like you are the most evil of evil. child murders. Pedafiles. genocides history shows its not the maoris we need to worry about its the reptilian whites in NZ. and are many that are good but for you to point your finger at maori. is a disgrace. all races have their bad history. but you white faggs are by far the most psycotic and ruthless child molestors. and boy rapist. pure reptiles cold blooded and evil and stink. all other white ppl are cool NZ whites are the same as south africa the white master race.

      4. Omgoodness me, you have the audacity to say what a sick society the Maori have turned it into. How about you leave Nz and go live in america, where activists actually shoot you first and ask you questions later.
        We Maori do not need or want your respect. Actually you do not even exist. Later Glen Orion.

      5. Glen Orion, you are such a racist fat pig!! Do us all a favour and Fuk off somewhere and die! You dont have the right to put Maori people down like that, who do you think you are? Fukn dreamer!!!!

      6. What an attention seeker you are posting malicious comments like this, why do the people who manage this site even let you post, I personally would have classed it as JUNK MAIL or SPAM..It needs to be deleted. Karma is a B*&ch and does come back around.

      7. You are the kind of Nazi hearted mental case that our country went to war against in WW1 and WW2, you think your fascist racial blurs weaken our cause? Our soldiers literally emptied lead into the bodies and hearts of your kind then came back to a hero’s welcome. Remember this. Defeat is the outcome for far right racists like you!

  16. What’s up with the race wars? You all amount to the same low by blaming each other. We are all on the same side. One of the greatest illusions in life, that we are separate. Earth is for all us to share and take care of. You’re true enemies are the ones that are causing deception and division amongst you all…

    1. Until we get rid of the Maori this & Maori that and all the I wanta, wanta grabbing, this will continue. Perhaps what will help is get ther idle off their arses and into work, that will stop the stealing, lying, killing their babies and drug usage. They will be to busy to get into this popular pastime.
      Maori are a disgrace and they have brought it on themselves by sitting on their arses breeding hatred about stuff that happened to far back to give a rats arse about. Look forward before you destroy yourselves in your hatred that is hurting only yourselves, it eats in so far it will ruin what health you may have left.

      1. Wow you have been unlucky to witness all of this…
        I ask do you have any Maori friends.
        I doubt it with that sentiment..
        Do you read everything you read in the paper…

        If I say ur a Dumb ass will you believe it…

      2. Kia Ora Glen,
        To say Maori are idle and need to get off their arses and get into work is an insult. I am a single mother of 4 and work 2 jobs. I am Maori and proud of what and who I am. I have raised my children to respect all others (even if comments like yours are a crock) and most of all themselves. They are NOT criminals who lie steal or in fact have babies and end up on the benefit, or do drugs. From the news I have seen in the past few weeks, I have seen a young man in POLICE custody end up paralysed, with no explaination as to how this happened. This young man is Pakeha. The police involved… Pakeha… 4 prominant business men ripped off their shareholders, and took what I see as their retirement money, and from what I recall they got off scott free. They are Pakeha. Why are they NOT serving time??? We as Maori have been ill treated in one way or another since the Pakeha landed in Aotearoa. And it still happens today. I for one think personally that there is a law for one and a law for another… I DONOT teach my tamariki hate. I just teach them that they will in their lifetime come across people like you and how to handle people like you in a positive way… So… Before you get on your high horse and insight a whole lot of RUBBISH get some of your facts right.

      3. Go back to the hole you crawled out of Glen and bugger off where someone actually cares about your opinion…..I would not say anything about your race as that would be stereotyping but you are one VERY bad apple! To talk down about our people as you have is disheartening, yes there are things as you have stated that have brought shame on us maori BUT WE ARE NOT ALL LIKE THAT!!!

        And actually, This is our land, protected by a Treaty made between two nations we are only claiming back what is actually ours to protect!!!! You claim that we should be looking forward instead of the past…..and that is YOUR problem….inorder for us to grow and move forward we NEED TO remember our past and where we come from….the cheek of you.

      4. Glen lest we not forget the fallen soldiers most of whom were maori that fought for our country??, obviously not!, they paved the future for everyone to stand tall and be proud of who we are as one, they fought as a nation not divided at all. Obviously if you can keep posting you must be talking about yourself lazy ass sitting at your computer rarking up the nation. If you didnt see it with your own eyes then dont invent with your small mind..Ciao!

      5. You are the kind of Nazi hearted mental case that our country went to war against in WW1 and WW2, you think your fascist racial blurs weaken our cause? Our soldiers literally emptied lead into the bodies and hearts of your kind then came back to a heros welcome. Remember this. Defeat is the outcome for far right racists like you!


  17. Over this European bashing from Maori – lets not forget what the Maori did to the Moriori’s in the Chathams – let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. All races of humans are guilty of some form of colonisation in their history and the unfortunate consequences of such an event during resistance from the peoples defending their turf. Getting sick of those constantly using the past as a weapon against todays NZrs who want to move on, work together with all peoples to develop and SHARE our beautiful country, not create division which will only weaken us.
    Tama Iti and his cohorts were doing something that they knew was illegal and dangerous – no argument against that – thats why they were doing it in secret up in the hills. They were caught red-handed doing Militia training with dangerous weapons which of course would be a major concern for ANYONE caught doing such a thing in NZ, and so now Tama Iti and his group now being made an example of. They dont seem to be stupid – Tama Iti in particular – so one would think they would have been fully aware of the risk they was taking doing what they were doing. Let this be a lesson to any radical group – NZ is a peaceful country – let it remain so.


        1. True words Mr Kohai, this Euro fool Dylan Keating is crying crocodile tears and giving history lessons AS IF like he knows what he’s talking about! Spreading MYTHS about Maori that justify rascist white political agendas. Sneaky fascist

  18. Wow a lot of venom being thrown around by both Maori and Pakeha as result of this decision. Tame Iti is no Te Whiti or Ghandi, videos and taped recordings where he espouses violence if negotiation fails prove that, as does his group having illegal military style weapons and molotuv cocktails. But they were for security training and it was a wananga = Yeah Right.

      1. You like shouting don’t you Mark. You like assuming too. You assume a lot e hoa. Always bring out the whitewash when the going gets tough. Remember you said it know who your talking too but hey your the ex-military/ex govt security, maori/moriori! Kia tupato e hoa.

        1. You front as a Maori but I see that swastika on your heart there faker, The Big monster(Te Taniwhanui) your a dick mate

          1. You know Maori not at all WaiWai. Is that all you can come up with “the big monster” show some depth of understanding WaiWai or I may say your just a lot of leg e hoa. Swastika on my heart lol!! Tumeke!

  19. I wondered how long this would have carried on & omgoodness what a sad result but we all as humans have to realise that we cant keep building barriers & we as Maoris cant keep fighting to have it our way. Im proud to be a Maori & I certainly dnt have a perfect life but living in Australia definitely gives my family & other families a life worth living & unfortnately we will never feel the same way about how our country. NZ Government looks after their own pocket before giving to the people & with John Keys the prick he’s gotta be the worst, greedy pig he is. Why dont we all become Australian Citizens!!!!!

    1. Aroha mai kia koe, ka whawhae tonu matou, Ake!Ake! Ake!
      Anei te kai o Nga Rangatira,He korero.

  20. “Colonisation”… diversion from the THEFT of the company directors and white colour workers… has personally affected many peoples lives… is major….. in comparison to this kaupapa
    – so how many years will they get????
    – what Tuhoe do in Tuhoe country is their business! however how the local people were treated and traumatised is another issue
    – so how does the court system deal with that…”different laws for different people”??

  21. Once maori people start living & stop stealing, raping, killing etc then we’ll be accepted into society! Very little have done nothing but give our exsitence shit. Im Maori & what I see day to day from some Maori is just unbelievable. & some of you wonder why our race is pointed at simple take police ten seven as an example, who is the most common race on there? MAORI. But in saying that its unfortunate that those maori who are abiding by law, have employment & supporting there whanau is being bad mouthed because of these maori. I dont understand why maori lack such morals. Glad I was brought up with harsh reality it makes me who I am today. Im not saying that im perfect but I sure have learnt im slowing becoming ashamed to call myself a maori. I guess were all done fighting. Hence the reason so many maori are migrating to australia. You cant get a job in NZ without being looked at funny because your maori, how embarrasing.

    1. Wow, as a Maori I would be ashamed to associate myself with you due to the bad grammar and poor spell checks…haha. If you take a look at the statistics for crimes committed in New Zealand in the past ten years you will see that Maori actually make up the larger majority of petty crimes rather than the heinous crimes you refer to. Not only poor team-Maori spirit from thine self Jasmine, but also shocking statements made based on assumptions and wrong information.

    2. If you are as you say Maori and so ashamed to be part maori, I suggest take a knife and cut out the part your ashamed of. It wont happen coz you are not. Apparently those of you who are proud infallible whites want to rename everything that goes wrong in society Maori. You are racist Jasmine

  22. if white people are so bad then why dont we all leave…. but we must take back white people things aswell… such as that computer you are useing. shoot even that gun the idot was playing with…. and we will leave the maoris their cloaks and kumaras…. but wait if we do that then there would be no one left in NZ why… cus there are NO full blooded maoris left… so why dont you wake up and remember that you are mostly european and wake up

    1. Theres no full blooded maori left because your people killed most of our FULL BLOODED MAORI! If you’s didnt come to NZ with your technology what makes you think we wouldn’t have figured that out for ourselves? You people think you belong on pedolstools in OUR country. Sorry we dont kiss your asses like you expect of us! How rude of you to say such a thing.

      1. please you maoris want us to kiss you asses and for what…. some stupid treaty that is over 150 years old…… please no other treaty has gone on for even a quarter of that time…. how about grow up and get a life…. and we didnt kill you… please the french should of gone there first and killed each and every one of them… then there would be any problem….. and yes ‘yous’ might of invented a computer maybe in about a thousand years. and no you are the ones that think you need a pedolstood…. why cus a while ago my great great grandad BROUGHT you land for some guns and stuff… you want the land back then give my family back my stuff that we traded for it

        1. Hold up Michelle! That was racist as! If our country was to be infiltrated by the French, I’d sure take up arms and fight with the rest of my countrymen. I shoot a foreigner before a kiwi if war was at hand. You can’t ask for your G-G-Grandad’s stuff back anymore than they can, actually hold on… point made.
          What was this all about again? The Urewera four or racist attacks?
          Settle down everyone, it’s a long, arduous, redundant argument.

          1. Your a real gem ay Mark not sounding ex-military/govt security now e hoa.

        2. Michelle thinks computers and guns are white rather than collaborative inventions. How cute

      2. It isn’t YOUR country! MAORI is not an INDIGENOUS race in NZ… Gezz, simple facts are lost on idiots!

        1. Please enlighten us with your wisdom as to how you know that Maori are not indigenous oh wise one? Where does this fountain of knowledge spring from? Because you heard some other idiot say so? Do some research please before making such bold, unfounded statements.

          1. It’s a documented fact. Maoris are a race of Islander and Asian. Carbon dating mean anything to you? Research your own history. Native American and Aborigines Peoples are Indigenous. You arrived by boat to NZ, the same as we did. Come on now, don’t pretend to be that ignorant.

        2. YOU ARE KIDDING ME!!!!! The only thing that is LOST and an IDIOT is YOU….YOU ignorant little whatever you are……if you don’t like that WE are tangata whenua then get out…..

    2. When will this rhetoric of the white people will take back this and that and leave the brown people with their blankets and k?mara stop? When will people learnt to look beyond their ignorance and realise that perhaps if they broadened their narrow outlook on everything and actually did a bit of research that there is actually two sides to every story. Colonisation of Aotearoa is the sole cause of the demise of M?ori people. Whilst I freely admit that we are over represented in all the worst Social indicator statistics, that is not a coincidence. This was done intentionally by the Crown and it’s colonial instruments of legislation. In order to ease the domination of a native people and demoralise them, colonists had to destabilise their social structures and belief systems to make it easier to replace them with their own. One of the easiest ways to do this was to take the land off them. This happened all over the country to M?ori and the negative impact was huge. Also the introduction of foreign food stuffs had a negative impact on the health of M?ori. The intentional punishment of M?ori people when they spoke their own language help aid this demise. By removing the most potent symbols of M?ori identity it was no wonder that the social impact has seen the results that we live with today. If you would like to take anything back, please feel free to take back the illegal laws that were enacted to steal M?ori land. Please take back the arrogance that it was the right of the British to come here and steal this country from the Native people. Please take back your ignorance and actually come to the table with some ounce of knowledge about what you are talking about and then and only then can real dialogue begin!

      1. I understand what you’re saying. Yet the ignorance is on both sides of the fence here. I wasn’t here first, and neither were you. In fact our forefathers on both sides signed the agreement. The problem I have is 150years later, some Maori peoples seem to be demanding an apology and land from me and my family. Four generations of my family owned land in Sanson, and we LOVED this land. The government confiscated this land a few years ago and my father shot himself last year over feeling he’d failed us and his forefathers. I would like an apology too, but who from? You? All the Maori people? The Kings or subsequent Queens of England? My father for working and nurturing the land? Who do I blame? I blame lack of common sense, and this continual bullshit of “This is mine and that is yours!”
        No-one owns the land, it owns us and can give us the boot anytime it feels like. Kiwis need to be kiwis and stop worrying about who the hell’s black and white…

        1. Blame the fact that for over 100 years your ancestors made a treaty with us then proceeded to break the treaty and its legal obligations, now the shits hitting the fan on a big scale


    4. “good bye” when are you leaving take your rubbish with you
      and who said there was any full blooded maori, do your research it not about blood quantum

    5. get it righgt michelle whitey never made a computer asians did in fact most things you think whiteman made was made by Asians. And who knows maybe its that white blood in us that makes maori according to you the way they are now as according to all European written books full blooded Maori were specimens to behold musular healthy who oout witted European miltary so called might at will.therefore maybe the watered down version White blood is at fault….


    7. @ michelle..why do people like you always assume that “white people” created things like the gun…you can thank the chinese 500ad for those. Being Maori is not something you measure in the percentage of blood you have dumbo. its in your heart, your mind you life, your whakapapa. Put simply, you either are or are not maori. Ive never heard a maori try to qualify his maoriness by stating “oh im 1/8th maori”…shit he is just maori full stop. Go back to school and get an education dumb dumb…then when youve got something intellectual to say people might actually listen. PUKANA BLEH!!!!!

      1. Nice answer lol, I get so sick of the pakeha Myths of white and brown, its sad, some of them are so repetitive that they get accepted as fact, irritates the crap out of me.

    8. awww … thanks for that Michelle. You make me feel soooo welcome in our country. And you wonder why Tame Iti does what he does. Ah well, racism is alive and well in Aotearoa New Zealand. Feel free to take back the ‘white people things’ you talk about but, please note, when you come to get my computer …you will be paying me megabucks in royalty b’cos my computer was designed & built by an American company who sold me the rights to own it; along with the American / Japanese software that runs it. And if I’m mostly ‘white’, as you have so creatively described it, then you may end up paying me rent / tax / wages etc b’cos I now own as much as you do of all those beautifully, crafted ‘white people things’. By the way, paid for with my own hard-earned ‘white peoples’ money. Anyway, while you are taking back all those ‘white people things’ … don’t forget to take back your ‘white peoples’ National government (minus the ‘non-white peoples’ of course), your ‘white peoples’ national debt of 4.5 billion isn’t it b’cos, if I’ve got this right, Maori don’t contribute anything at all to our economy. Also, don’t forget your ‘white peoples’ social security system & user-pays health – education – and, dare I say it? – justice system; ‘legalised’ military systems (Police, Army, Air Force, Navy)& all their little ‘white peoples’ resources (nuclear weapons, guns, bombs, bullets, flame throwers – & we’re worried about molotov cocktails!). Again, minus all the ‘non-white peoples’ of course. While you are at it, please don’t forget to take back those beautifully crafted ‘white people things’ such as single parents, beneficiaries and criminals (both civil, blue & white collar). Sorry, but you can’t have the All Blacks, Tall Blacks, Kiwis, Black Sticks, Silver Ferns etc etc – obviously b’cos there is no mention of ‘white peoples’ in the name but you can have the ‘All Whites’. Finally, don’t forget to leave our key under the mat as you close the door on Aotearoa – b’cos you must not forget to take the ‘white peoples’ name of ‘New Zealand’ with you.

  23. Rise up to what? When is the damn country going to pull together, not keep ripping itself apart based on greed. Not treaty rights, but pure greed on who can get what and for how much. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful but screw the Treaty! Over 200 years it has brought nothing but pain, anger and this crap. When will it be enough? How many times can I say sorry for my forefathers? And when will you except the apology? Let’s move on and worry about John Key selling off our country, and not worry about when my time might be coming because I look like Snow freakin White and not Bambi!

  24. I thought timed served would have been would have been justice 2 and 1/2 years seems a bit over the top.I suppose the Government and the police have to save face because of all the money that was spent on these charges.

  25. Arrogant idiots – you CANNOT go around shooting guns no matter what race you are. These men were morons & are racist against anyone not Maori. I am so sick of hearing how you are treated badly, what a load of rubbish. You get better treatment than anyone in NZ as we have to be PC so you get your own schools & hospitals, now you want your own laws? Stop making the Maori name disgraceful because that is what you are doing.

    Face the crime that you committed!

  26. You picked a fight with the wrong crowd…
    My people will have to wait another 150yrs for an apology if one at all. There will be no justice for Tuhoe, for every Maori in this country is a political prisoner. An alien in our lands…
    A dark day for Tuhoe. A reminder of the past, because history reapeats itself and as far as I’m concerned, I no longer seek partnership with the crown re: the treaty. And while Maori seek to mend a failed relationship with the crown, time and time again they remind us of why we didn’t trust them in the first place.

    If this is a treaty partnership – how do I break up?
    Lick my patu you barstards!
    Tuhoe Sovereignty or death and no other!

    1. Aye that about says it all NRP! Sad that you are stuck in this hateful place that you have put yourself in. If this is what Tame Iti inspires then it is a sad day for Maori. Grow up and start living a less hate filled life. Lick my patu? Seriously you need to get out more and take in some of the ngahere.

  27. Why is it so hard to admit wrong and take the punishment on the shoulder like true men would do?
    My regret is the sentence was far to light and the judge was a disappointment in this area.
    They had illegal firearms so there is no if’s or but’s about that fact and punishment should be fitting to the charges.

    1. Glen, if the government won’t admit to all of their wrong doing’s in Aotearoa’s history, (like true men do – I’m guessing John Key is one of these?), then why should anyone else? My regret is that there isn’t a sentence for the wrong doings of the government and the judge was a disappointment in this area, (referring to the history of this country), and was sourced from offshore – Her Majesty’s England, (who thought that their law was the only law in the universe).
      The pakeha Crown had illegal firearms in yester-year and forced Maori to adhere to their rules and ways of life and forbid them to speak their own language. No if’s or but’s about that fact, and punishment was never fitted.

      How soon we forget. Oh well, at least we worked together at the RWC.

      1. Seriously Nikki you forget the big “if”. “If” this sad group had their day in the sun and used their small arms training, military style weapons and molotuv cocktails in a violent act resulting in the deaths of Maori and Pakeha how would you then feel as a supporter. Tame was caught out, simple, fortunately his stupid plans were never put into practice and he will now thiink more then twice about something similar. He now gets to do the time. He is now on notice. Other Maori know there is another way.

  28. These sentences must lead to the most careful scrutiny of precedence in the legal history of New Zealand. Because never has justice had so much obligation to be scrupulously fair and even.
    Nor has there been such obligation and demand to bring to international justice a full explanation of the contravention of the human rights of Tuhoe, as described to have occured, during the raids into Tuhoe community.
    Today, I, tomorrow, perhaps, you. Unless you, unless I, are mindfull of each others rights today, neither of us can ever feel free or safe tomorrow.
    Arohanui to all who suffer injustice.

  29. here we go again kawana gray is al u hear az u practise yur skills in yur bac yard why dont u colonials pull yur head out of yur ass an let us natives train as we use 2 bac in the days hunting fishing living of the land oh no we are terrorist crap we are scapegoats 4 the police commander an police minister who gave the ok to carryout this million dollar assualt on the motu we could of used that mone to create training camps in the bush for our rangatahi aue luke arbrasse

    1. What is all this “you colonials?” How long does it have to go on? How many apologies will be enough? How much land will suffice and will the custodians of the land eventually sell it? If you want to hunt and fish on the land, by all means, please do. But first, we shall take all the Govt benefits that assist you should you not catch your daily meal. I am over it. If you want to blame go know on Her Royal Majesty’s door, it was her whanua that signed the treaty, not ours. You should take a look over the Tasman, now the Aborigines Peoples have been slaughtered, raped and pillaged, yet they are honourable peoples. And when it comes down to it, the Maori people are not Indigenous to New Zealand. Remember that when your screaming about being hard done by…

      1. So you know that we are not indigenous to New Zealand do you? Please oh wise anthropologist give us the benefit of your wisdom. Where did M?ori come from them. You would be the only person in the whole world that could say that with certainty if you can tell us. Not even the worlds best anthropologists and archaeologists can say that for certain. All they have are theories. In actuality M?ori are indigenous to New Zealand as it is where we became what you know as M?ori today. Not anywhere else in the Pacific. M?ori culture developed here on the shores of Aotearoa. Please get your facts right before you start casting stones.

        1. Hurts your feelings doesn’t it when you’re told you’re not a “real” kiwi? That’s how we feel every single time you tell us we are ‘colonials.’ No, we are not. We are God damn Kiwis, exactly the same as you.
          As far as the Urewera Trial is concerned, I believe the judge was biased. The sentences FAR OUT WAY the punishment for a crime he “presumes” they committed. These men are paying for the tax bill to see them put through court on trumped up charges in the first place.The crown is making an example out of them, and race has everything to do with it. If it was a bunch of white boys we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If the legal system is corrupt, there’s no hope for the rest of us either… I hope they appeal.

  30. omg maori bashing, jail wtf yet there are heaps of people who get less for attempted murders drunk driving child abuse white collar pornography etc..what about the murders that were done to our tupuna when firearms were brought here. shame on you the justice system only caters to what suites them, re
    trail- save money get this over and done with weres the justice in that, didnt want to know the truth more like it

  31. Kia ora whanau, thank you each for you words of support, ae, we again can’t believe the sentence. The man who killed Hawea Vercoe got 2 years 10 months? Clearly the judge is sending a message, don’t appear to get uppity you Maoris (sic) otherwise we’ll lock you up and throw away the key. Incredibly disappointing. 🙁

  32. How can you base a sentence type/length on assumption of a terrorist motive when the jury dismissed conspiracy charges. Just because the jury ruled out a wananga defense does not mean the only explanation is terrorism. Is this judge psychic to know it all without having been there? Even if guilty of terrorism the bar of proof hasn’t been met, only for weapons possession which i never heard of resulting in 2.5 years.

  33. Please lets get real here folks. I know security and the footage that was revealed was not security training. It was military training and small arms assault training. Molotov cocktails are not used in security. Tame Iti should fess up and take it like a man not hide behind the outrage of the sympathetic it makes his actions all the more pathetic. Either you are all about supposed feedom fighting with use of violence or not, simple. He was prior to being caught but sudenly it was all wananga and security training bs! If he had not have been discovered and he and his sad group had performed an act of violence leading to loss of life (Maori and pakeha) then there would have been calls for heads to roll in the police and government. Wake up and smell reality people.

    1. I’m ex-military/ you would not know reality if it bit your ass. The personnel share their expertise were of similar background as myself. What a person does on there own property is none of your concern until it affect your own property or family. This was assumed by paranoid persons such as yourself.

      1. You seem to ignore the video clearly showing the military style training and i’m ex-military/govt security myself matey! Sorry mate if it was a bunch of neo-nazis caught doing the same stuff then you would be applauding. Take off the brown coloured glassy and bite your own arse (ass? you American pal?).


          1. You shout too much Mark you should chill out a bit. Lol 5th gen MB you are deluded mate. How goes the course mate? (IW) Steyr is a 5.56mm e hoa, pressure to break a bone lol depends on bone you’ve been reading too many action man comics e hoa. Top Secrete Special e hoa and I don’t need to know what you do in your sleep but get your hand off it e hoa.

          2. You gonna tell me I’m deluded too when I say I’m the offspring of a member of the 28th Maori battalion

  34. so once again aotearoa becomes the flagbearer for a modernist version of “those pesky natives need to learn their place” ideology, rubber stamped by boorish loud mouth self opinionated racist multi-millionaires who hide behind freedom of expression to throw rocks at a culture that allows this vermin to prosper and spread his putrid hate filled agenda. pity you dont have access to the same type of monetary immunity uncle.

  35. Civil liberties take a bash or selectively ignored namely the Bill of Rights Act 1990, People Maori are unwittingly targeted as a political social experiment based on assumed threats on par with Al Qaeda to bolster the National Parties move to sell Maori Owned Assets. Codification or international rules for engagement clearly defines this as fraudulent and misleading. The International Public arena await People Maori to exercise their legal rights to stand up and be counted.We the People Maori however choose not to enter into alliances until we are acquainted with the designs of our neighbors. Sun tzu

  36. id hope to await an appeal for these two kaumatua that is a ridiculous sentence indeed! to the crown if you think that will be a deterrent to nzers that have a right for frredom of speech no that this is only going to inspire people to stand up peacefully but strong! passive but assertive! ppl power

  37. What an injustice I wish they had dotcoms money to fight back, it is hard to fight the system with very little money.How bloody outrageous to treat these people like criminals makes me lose faith in our justice system.

  38. I still don’t understand how the Pakeha version of armed public militia training camps gets positive screening on Marc Ellis’ ‘How the other half lives’, while the Maori version gets jail time???

    Series 2, Episode 1, 6 Sep 2010 | Survivalists
    Marc Ellis heads into the Canterbury wilderness with a group of hardcore Survivalists who believe that the world, as we know it, is about to change forever as a result of wide scale civil unrest.

    1. Simple difference. The survivalists train to survive through a supposed apocalyptic scenario. They are not training to violently enforce a proposed treaty position. Don’t worry this bunch of nutters are being watched too!

      1. Your last sentence is the only thing you have said that I agree with all day, everything else you have said is absolute dribble

  39. What a senceless and shocking sentence, we are all outraged about this and I pray that the people stand up, fight back,as I know this is only the beginning. We have a long way to go to turn this around but its not impossible…time to rise up…If the rest of the world is doing it why cant I……

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