May 10, 2021

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Maori activist, who placed Mana flag on Antarctica, arrives in Norway

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Busby Noble

NORTHERN EXPOSURE: Jarle Andhory and Busby Noble in Oslo.

A Maori activist who in January stowed-away on a yacht in Auckland bound for Antarctica has arrived in Norway after a larger-than-life voyage.

I hope to stay here for as short a time as possible,” Busby Noble told Norwegian television.

“My wife is really angry at me, but because of the importance of what is happening here, we will find love between each other and live with that.”

He had joined self-proclaimed Viking Jarle Andhoy who fled Auckland on a 16-metre steel yacht, Nilaya, and without permission sailed to McMurdo Sound to find traces of his previous yacht, Berserk, which had disappeared in a storm with the loss of three men in February last year.

Noble, 53, originally claimed he was asleep when the yacht left Auckland and was unaware it was going to Antarctica.

No trace of Berserk was found but in order to avoid prosecution here, Andhoy took the yacht to South America.

They were briefly detained by the Chilean Navy as the New Zealand Embassy issued travel documents.

Andhoy and Noble arrived to a big media reception in Oslo today.

“I have come to pay respect to the people, you know, and some charity, you know, back to the families (of the three dead) and to give some charity back to the families, these are the kind feelings we have had for the whole mission, and this has been foremost in our hearts and thoughts during the whole journey, kia ora,” he said.

Noble, who planted a Mana Party flag in Antarctica, said he wanted to make contact with the indigenous Saami or Lapp people of Norway.

“The people of the north and the south must come together.”

Noble said he wanted to tell the people of Norway about “the horrible stuff happening in my home town”.

He listed asset sales, ocean oil drilling and fracking.

“Lets be clean about our dealings with the Earth and the sky and all the stuff that goes on with out lives.”

5 thoughts on “Maori activist, who placed Mana flag on Antarctica, arrives in Norway

    1. Kia Ora E Hoa
      Too Much! Happy Mothers day to the beautiful wahine who supported you on your journey!.

  1. Teena Koe Busby, ka pai to mahi ehoa. Papatuanuku needs more love and tender care, not Rape, Pillaging and Polluting. Your korero on the people in the North hooking up with those in the South is excellent. Ka pai Bro, nga mihi kia koe. Ma te wa ka tutaki ano koe ki to hoa wahine. Mauri Ora. Chaz

  2. …lets hope thee authorities have the same good intentions and not try and charge them when they get home..tu meke e hoa!

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