May 7, 2021

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“our boy was wrongly convicted” – whanau is certain (+video +photos)

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( Eds) We’ve watched this case evolve over the years and remember being astonished by the sentence, that sentence was close to 6 years, earlier in that same month, the bro Hawea Vercoe was killed by someone on the street having been punched and kicked repeatedly, that sentence, 2 years (later this was extended due to an appeal by the family).

It makes us wonder, two people were killed, in one case a Maori was convicted of killing a Pakeha (via accidental vehicular manslaugther) and the other was the case of a Maori killing a Maori (via purposeful violence).

This is clearly a case of a systematic failure of the system and we wish the White whanau the justice they deserve.

Some key facts:

  1. Aj did not know the owner of the car, Eligh was AJs friend and that is how he came to be in the car
  2. AJ had been drinking, Eligh has zero blood alcohol, would you let a drunk guy drive your car
  3. Eligh stood on the stand and told the court at AJs trial that he had been drinking, he lied to the court and still the cops went at AJ
  4. No one saw AJ in the drivers seat but Eligh was between the two front seats (AJ was already out from the impact)
  5. AJ had no blood on him what so ever! so if he were driving how did he get past Eligh who was bleeding, the drivers window was in tact, the door was jammed shut, the windsceen was in tact, had a head impact and blood in the windscreen, but AJ was not bleeding…
  6. The blood on the drivers airbag was not AJs (photos below show where the samples were taken from)
  7. The seatbelt mark you see in the photos, does show that AJ was on the left side of the car, he was but the family argues that he was in the back seat on the driver’s side

The whanau has set up a Facebook page help gather support and spread the story of this tragedy.

(TV3) In 2008, on a damp highway near Tauranga, a young man named Anthony James White was involved in a horrific crash.

It was a crash he was found guilty of causing, one that killed his passenger and seriously injured a young woman in another, oncoming car.

But despite all the evidence against Anthony White, his family refuse to accept it.

After three years they’re more convinced of his innocence than ever. But they’re also fighting mounting debt and a judicial system they say is ignoring them.

For legal reasons we can’t discuss much of the evidence the family say they’ve accumulated, but one thing that is plain to see is their unwavering devotion and their unwillingness to back down.


Photo: This is the photo of where the samples were taken from the driver’s airbag.


6 thoughts on ““our boy was wrongly convicted” – whanau is certain (+video +photos)

  1. This is how you beat this injustice…read a be amazed…the answer is here…a legal team needed to push this…where’s our Kaumatua when you need them…!

    The Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Governments are illegitimate and the inhabitants of those lands have the right to ignore, disregard and lawfully rebel against ALL ‘laws’ passed by those parliaments to ensure that criminal acts do not continue to be perpetrated against them, by those that have absolutely no authority. In this they will need help because just like the mafia, these governments have guns. Now do you see why there is such a push to disarm the population?

    Could this be why the New Zealand Parliament are at this very time meeting behind closed doors to discuss just how they will try and legitimise themselves by creating their own constitution? I am sure by now they will realise the game is up.

    This could also be why no rights and freedoms of the people are enshrined in any of the constitutions of Australia or New Zealand being colonial constitutions the people these Acts applied to were covered by British human rights legislation – But not anymore! That is because they simply do not give a toss about protecting anyone that they have no authority to protect, yet they believe they have the authority to persecute, oppress, tax and continue to hold their serfs in bondage.

    As an aside, New Zealand is in the unique position of having two political hot footballs called the Declaration of Independence 1835 and Te Tiriti O Waitangi 1940 (both recognised under international law) you see in New Zealand (or the land commonly referred) the true Sovereign Nation is in fact the Maori Nation if you want to take it from a legal standpoint.

    Another political minefield for the fraudulent New Zealand Government, is that it seems the only legitimate Defence or Security Force that exists in New Zealand (and given authority and recognition by the Maori Government of Aotearoa – who incidentally was given Authority in Waitangi by Te Whakaminenga O Aotearoa according to lore), is in fact, the New Zealand Armed Intervention Force and remains true to this very day! I bet that will upset them!

    So what will the Solomon Islands and the world do now? Continue to allow this fraud to take place, or for the good of all people, do something about it?

  2. Yet another breach of human rights articles 8-12 against a person of Maori descent. Quote it, live it, be it, the courts and the police are responsible to it. The courts are not the end of the line when they work injustices. The system is slow but the payout is your family honour. I believe your blood evidence proves it unlikely he was the driver and as such your evidence ought to be heard as a matter of moral obligation by the court. However, work all avenues at once.

    see: Declaration of human rights
    Human rights comission

  3. Racist honky system, made by white people for white people, nothing but 6th, 7th, 8th…. generation immigrants

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