May 16, 2021

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Harawira apologises to the Maori Party

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Looks like an apology is in order said MANA leader in reference to the Maori Partys support for the (EEZ) Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Bill.

So when I said that the Maori Party sold their people out on the Marine and Coastal Area Bill, and when I said that theyve given away Maori rights not just to the foreshore but all the way out to the 200 mile limit by agreeing to this EEZ bill, and when I said the Maori Party was supporting a bill that ignores iwi concerns and makes it easier for big business to go deep sea oil drilling while bypassing major environmental concerns, and when I talk about how the Maori Party went missing in action while Whanau a Apanui was fighting to save their seas from Petrobras, and when I say the Treaty is going to be ignored under this EEZ bill well, apparently I was wrong about the Treaty.

It isnt going to be ignored. Its going to be dusted off and wheeled out for a speech from the Maori Party and then its going to be ignored like it always is when government wants to flog off our resources to the overseas rape and pillage brigade.

So sorry Maori Party


For more information please contact Malcolm Mulholland on 027 765 6380

10 thoughts on “Harawira apologises to the Maori Party

  1. The treaty will never be honored we are dealing with people who have betrayed their own for the sake of a few jewish penny’s now look who’s running the country maybe we would have been better off fighting for germany (quote’father) but I beg to differ we would be better suited forming an alliance with Asia.we can never compete with the majority english, fiji indians etc, samoans, tongans, etc butt licking trolls the whole lot of them.

  2. Keep it up Hone!! – yes the Treaty is only going to dusted off and admired for its symbolism, rather than giving true expression to its status as an agreement between 2 nations, entered into in good faith. Hone is not a fanatic – the truth is that most legislation that mentions the Treaty is only giving minute and piecemeal effect to what is actually promised therein…and then you have to wait until Crown court officers interpret it…and you know that the dominant institution is always going to interpret these things in favor of the dominant culture, and there are many crafty methods done to achieve this. So no, don’t ever be fooled into thinking that Maori people are being represented, compensated, or affirmed as a people when legislation mentions the Treaty, because mostly all it is is token gestures. The so-called Maori party is just another commodificaiton of Maoridom by those elites. Sad, but true. Mana Maori is where you will find your true representative. Hone cleverly uses his sarcasm because in this context, saying ‘sorry’ to the Maori party will get people interested. Now we must pass on the real underlying messages. Maranga ake ai!!


  3. Takes abig man to do that Kia Ora Hone.Dont Know wether the maori would be gracious enuff to accept said appology especially that flavell guy reckon he has an eye on the chair even tho we aint got panthers in this country hes e throwback there spiritually(stealthily waiting..waiting)building up his “database” so to speak.Stand tall Hone for your people a prophet never won over the majority but stirred the hearts of people whose hearts burnede for the cause…our whenua and what our forbears tangi for…Kia Kahu!!!

  4. Mr Flavell, I have the understanding you are of my Whangaunga ( Rotorua). My Te Taitokerau vote went to Mana Party. Quite an upset to see you and your Party undermining Mana, esp when any apology we feel is not necessary. So what if you all are Politicians, your roles are to guide Maori through appropriate channels and resources to seek resolution for us in all aspects as you percieve,please do a good job, do not undermine Mana. Gosh when my mum spoke to her cuzn Peter Tapsell years ago it was Maori looking after Maori! Move on to more important things than this plez, as in Power show us resolutions we are seeking. Important issues for us are being heldup while you degrade us!

  5. The Treaty is going to be ignored under this EEZ bill well, apparently I was wrong about the Treaty. Kia Ora Hone Thank you for the update, ano nga mihi kia koe me te roopu Mana.

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