May 10, 2021

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Snapshot of Maori statistics launched

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A new one-stop-shop for statistics about Maori has been launched this afternoon on Statistics New Zealand’s website.

The new section provides a snapshot of Maori in New Zealand and gives an insight into their well-being and development, government statistician Geoff Bascand said.

Most of the information already existed on the site, but it was often difficult to access or understand.

Now everything from agriculture to cultural identity can be found in one section ( called Te Ao Marama 2012.

There were versions in English and Maori and print copies could also be ordered.

“Te Ao Marama 2012 touches on a range of data spanning economic, social, cultural, and environmental statistics,” Bascand said.

“For example, in 1991, of all who identified as Maori, 132,000 did not know the iwi from which they were descended, but by 2006 this figure had reduced to 102,000.

“As well as providing the useful information in Te Ao Marama, we have further developed our M?ori statistics section on our website. This gives easy, fast, and convenient access to a wealth information related to Maori.”



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