May 10, 2021

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Harawira confirms his position Gay Marriage

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In a press release published today, Hone Harawira MP and Leader of the Mana Movement, both congratulated Louisa Wall on her “the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Bill” being drawn from the ballot and confirmed his support for it, ending months of speculation about how he might vote.

In past interviews, Harawira suggested that although important, that he didn’t see marriage as a human right, rather a construct of the state, suggesting that he was quite conservative.

As a result, there had been a great deal of concern amongst many Mana supporters. In the end, Mr Harawira told his members that he would go back to the people for discussion and guidance.

“MANA believes that strong and healthy relationships were the foundation of loving whanau and a positive and vibrant society, and recognised that those relationships could be found between all people, regardless of sex, race or class,” said Harawira.

“Because of that” said Harawira “MANA also believes that partners in such relationships should be entitled to enter into marriage and/or adopt children, with the same legal protections, rights and responsibilities for all, regardless of sex, race or class”.

Support for the bill was mixed, with many of National’s members not seeing it as an important piece of legislation.

What do you think whanau?


6 thoughts on “Harawira confirms his position Gay Marriage

  1. Aue ! ko raruraru,tatau oni, oni, te tangata ki te tangata,me te wahine ki te wahine, raruraru ano nga whakapapa mo ake no, kia tupato, ka raru te tipuranga.waimarie kei te nuinga, kei mau tonu te mana tangata me te mana wahine , ko te Tangata mau te tarau te Wahine te panekoti,”Queer”,whakaiti o tatau Kuia

  2. Anei toku korero, me oku whakaaro ki nga tangata t?ingo me nga wahine tak?pui.

    He paruparu nga mahi a te KURI! Na ratou mahi kaiapo kino mo te maha o nga tau e t?kino ai.

    He tino nuinga ahau e whakaute ana i te whare o te atua.

  3. Anei toku korero, me oku whakaaro ki nga tangata t?ingo me nga wahine tak?pui.

    He paruparu nga mahi a te KURI! Na ratou mahi kaiapo kino mo te maha o nga tau e t?kino ai.

    He tino nuinga ahau e whakaute ana i te whare o te atua.

  4. Good Job Mana party for maintaining the pressure on Hone 😛 . And a great deal of respect earned by Hone for representing the interests of his political group despite personal beliefs.

    Here in Scandinavia there a male and FEMALE priests, gay marriage is allowed, and interestingly there are ‘Church taxes’. Up until 10 years ago it was compulsory to pay ‘church taxes’ regardless of if your were a follower. Now the only compulsory component is ‘burial taxes’, which is for the burial plot. I interpret this as an example of how the ‘Church’ will always follow the electorate. The ‘Church’ and its followers will in one way or another adjust to pressures.

    Strategically I find it interesting that Hone didn’t support Gay marriage sooner. Clearly the New Zealand electorate as a whole wanted Gay marriage, and Hone for some reason(?) thought that his voting base would not follow this trend! Maybe Hone believed he had the power to reverse the National (and international) trend towards Gay marriage! Well whatever the reason, I’m sure Hone and those in the top-tier of the Mana party will always remind themselves to check the ground upon which they stand. If you build something(a policy/position) upon unstable ground then it can come down surprisingly quickly 🙂 .

    Mana should make an example of this as evidence that Hone follows the wishes of his voters. Make this a strong point about the Mana party, something that distinguishes the Mana party. Repeat it, repeat it, until it becomes expected. Mana party, we listen, we change Mana party, we listen, we respond Contrast this with the Maori and National parties, particularly asset sales. Show how neither listens to the majority. Create an association that the Mana party is the party that has the strongest response to its voters. This will encourage voter loyalty and the people know what they get for a Mana vote.

    Btw, does anyone happen to know the Maori term for the ‘poor and dispossessed’? I recall Annette using it once….

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Two -Spirited people walk amoung us. Brother Hone “Wopila Tanka” (Thanks Big) for the support of all living things.

    Send my good thoughts and good health to you Brother!

  6. Thank u Harawira

    Thank u very much indeed for your personal support and endorsment stated above

    Thank u to Mana Movement for our support of Louisa Wall and her bill of rights.

    I hope that your endorsement bro has wider support in time.

    Warm Regards

    Tuck and his Partner Azhar (Sydney)

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