May 19, 2021

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John Keys bumbling divide and rule strategy – Hone Harawira

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“John Key was trying to look serious when he said the New Zealand Maori Council did not represent Maori interests on water, but he ended up looking bloody foolish when he couldnt tell us who did said MANA Leader Hone Harawira.I can understand why hes upset with the Council said Harawira. Theyve ruined his plans to flog off state assets.But the fault doesnt lie with the Council. John Keys the guy who wants to flog the assets. He knew the Council didnt agree. He shouldve just given Graham (NZMC President Sir Graham Latimer) a ring.

But he didnt. He thought he could just ignore them and do another back door deal with a few iwi leaders but even thats coming unstuck.

Ive not heard one iwi leader say they agree with John Keys plan to sell state assets.

I can understand his divide and rule tactics said Harawira but most Maori actually back the New Zealand Maori Council position including his mates in the Maori Party I think.

John Key thinks he can get away with insulting and ignoring Maori said Harawira but hes in trouble when his Pakeha voters start realising that the NZ Maori Council just may be their best chance of stopping the asset sales.

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