May 9, 2021

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Maori birthing practices – workshops in August & Sept

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Hei Tiki Pumau is a concept created from a need for a more culturally appropriate and educational ante natal programme for Maori women.

He wahine, He whenua, E ora ai te iwi By women and land, people are sustained

Hei Tiki Pumau is designed to foster and preserve Traditional Maori birthing practices. This programme invites any hapu (pregnant) mums and their whanau wanting to participate.


2 Day programme: Start time 9am finishing at 3pm, consecutive days


  • Tuesday 14th August – Wednesday 15th August.
  • Thursday 16th August – Friday 17th August
  • Monday 20th August – Tuesday 21st August


  • Tuesday 11th September – Wednesday 12th September
  • Thursday 13th September – Friday 14th September

For more information/referral details:

Email: [email protected] Phone: 07 578 7838

2 thoughts on “Maori birthing practices – workshops in August & Sept

  1. Hello, I am a midwifery student in Australia and I am currently stugying traditional Maori birthing practices. I was wondering if you had any hand outs that you maybe able to email to me that would help with my research?

  2. I’m a Maori mother of 4, I have had all my babies at Auck hosp, all smooth deliveries but would love to know about Maori birthing practices. Where is the venue and can anybody join? Thank-you

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