May 19, 2021

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Seismic activity prompted iwi to plan for evacuation (+video)

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Ngati Tuwharetoa have been preparing their evacuation plans for some time, due to fears that Mt Tongariro was becoming more active. A few weeks ago Ngati Hikairo ki Tongariro met with volcanologists to find out exactly what’s going on. spoke with Ngahuia Wade (who filed the following report for Te Karere in late July of this year), who helped to clarify some key issues.

Yes, the eruption “snuck up” on GNS, but that only meant that they had been having less eruptions in the past few days.Ms Wade told us that “GNS has been working with Tuwharetoa for decades. Brad Scott is a very passionate and enthusiastic volcanologist, very professional and informed. I also note that there have been times where they take tangata whenua with them (like Uncle Napa Otimi from Waihi) up to the mountain at times like this for karakia etc.”

So we are pleased to know that there is been a great deal of involvement of local iwi and hapu and in particular knowing that a Maori world view has been taking onboard (i.e. the use of karakia).

1 thought on “Seismic activity prompted iwi to plan for evacuation (+video)

  1. Kia Ora,

    Just followed a link regarding a vision of a huge volcanic eruption in the Lake Taupo region in 1997, there would be clear signs… check the hot pools around the edge of Lake Taupo right in town, just as you leave the CBD, there is a resort that has spanish decor, apparently this is the tohu to evacuate, the hot pools will rise and flood into the resort buildings.

    Another tohu is to remember our tipuna who called for fire from Hawaaiki, it came through White Island, watch the volcanic activity there, all the central plateau volcanoes are connected.

    There are too many dreams, visions of a huge eruption occurring in the Taupo district, please look for the signs, especially the hot water rising into the resort buildings around the lake CBD area.

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