May 8, 2021

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Maori say eruption was NOT a surprise (+video +photos of #ashcloud)

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Whanau have told that they have noticed other interesting geothermal activity. Wally Lee a Trustee for the Tuhourangi Maori Authority mentioned that Waikete geyser had “roared” back to life in recent weeks, and that korero from the past suggested that during the 1886 Tarawera eruption, thermal activity too had increased. He said that the raise was attributed to pressure building underground, similar to what they had heard happening at Ketetahi Springs at Tongario.

Geologists have also pointed to disappearing crater lakes, similar to the ocean breathing in minutes before a tsunami as a precursor to volcanic activity.

Te Moananui Rameka a who guides for Pure Ora Walks, the only Maori concession holder, who guide the Crossing and provide cultural interpretations, began seeing tohu around December, he and his team had noticedincreased geothermal activity around Ketetahi Springs, including the rapid lowering of the Emerald Lakes and new geysers being born and had passed this information onto others. He felt that this was a tohu, a reminder and sign from both Tongariro and Ruamoko that people should not take the maunga for granted.

Interesting then that GNS scientists say the eruption came as a “total surprise” and that “volcanos” don’t speak to each other, but we’d disagree and whanau believe if they had a more holistic perspective they too would have seen the signs.

What have you seen whanau? Any increased geothermal activity in your area? Email us your story and photos and let us know.

Mauri ora!

5 thoughts on “Maori say eruption was NOT a surprise (+video +photos of #ashcloud)

  1. Te Maari Crater has been steaming ever since my family shifted to Taupo,at the end of ’69. And, the Red Crater is always steaming. And, Ngauruhoe is always smoking. Will GNS the people – whom are supposed to warn us – do so? After the Christchurch September 2010 earthquake, GNS accepted advice from psychologists that if if they told the community that there would soon likely be another earthquake of a similar magnitude as that which occurred in September 2010, then, this would would traumatise the people; and, so, because of this advice, GNS decided NOT to warn the community of this potential earthquake. Then, the February 22 2011 struck,causing huge loss of life.2 In other words, the people whom are supposed to warn us decided not to warn us.Will the the people of the Tongariro area be constantly warned so that they can save their lives? WE need assurances on proce on how they going to keep the community accurately informed.

  2. just a note on these disturbances,my business is part of a global company that engineers underground shelter structures. what comes down the pipe from top Geo-scientists in the united states and what they are not saying to avoid panic is that a celestial object the half size of hour moon is heading towards earth and due to by pass in the next few weeks.. the gravitational pull on our planet by this object is effecting our magna and tectonic plate movements which is creating disturbances in volcanism and earthquakes.. the us military is already evacuating their bases near to the coastal areas. since its coming up from the southern hemisphere, Australia/new Zealand can be greatly effected..again its just an opinion of the white island /tongaririo eruptions taking into account one is dormant and they have no direct connection to each other.

    1. Ka karanga mai ka tangitangi mai te puia he tino riri te mauri o te maunga o Tongariro.

      Ka t?kino tia e nga manene nga tauiwi o tatou whenua tapu o tatou waiora tapu katoa, ka puta mai te maunga ona k?rero ona pukuriri

      ‘Ko te tangata apo taonga, raruraru ana ia r?tou ?na whare’.

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