May 18, 2021

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He Aitua | Dickson Chapman (Ngati Tuwharetoa)

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Karekare ana nga wai o te Taupo-nui-a-Tia, ngunguru ana te maunga ariki, rerere ana te waikamo i nga whatu o Ngati Tuwharetoa i te hinganga. Moe mai ra e koro.

The Maori Party is mourning the passing of a true champion of the people, Dickson Chapman.

Dickson was a big man in every sense of the word said Co-leader Tariana Turia

He lived his life with a relentless commitment to his people. His mind was constantly active, as he pursued every option to support the whanau, hapu and iwi of Ng?ti Rangitukua, Ngati Tuwharetoa.

As a director of Te Whenua Venture Holdings, Dickson encouraged the people to have a vision to explore options for commercial development including housing projects to be established on their own land.

He pioneered a brave new project to createsubsidies for home insulation installations for iwi members across the country.

The trust had carried out considerable research which showed there were significant social, economic and health benefits for iwi if they had warm homes.

As a result of this work, Dickson mobilised support for a wide-ranging insulation project which will have enduring impacts for the people said Mrs Turia.

Amongst the mourners, there will also be a sizable group of people who Dickson came to know on the streets of Wellington. What I really loved about Dickson was that he had a formidable intellect and yet rather than seeking a high-flying career, he dedicated his skills and talents to supporting the aspirations of our young.

There are many who benefitted under his shelter and care and who will never forget the aroha and the compassion he had for young people.

Mrs Turia said He provided for the homeless and worked tirelessly for those of our youth who were dispossessed. He was also a staunch youth worker and member of the National Youth Council.

We were mates we were both youth workers, fighting for the rights of rangatahi and for their voices to be heard. He leaves behind many wonderful memories.

Even as he lay in ICU he was still thinking of others. The last time I saw him it was the autonomy of the Maori Wardens that was exercising his mind.

In this sad day of passing I think I should bestow the title on Dickson Te Taniwha of Turangitukua for the legacy he leaves behind, the huge shadow he has left for successive generations to follow.

Tangi Details

  • Matua Dickson will be lying at Hirangi Marae, Hirangi Road, Turangi. For funeral details please text or phone 027-6178-071. White Haven Rotorua

2 thoughts on “He Aitua | Dickson Chapman (Ngati Tuwharetoa)

  1. Dickson was a legend, one of the giants of Ngati Tuwharetoa
    Always on the road to Wellington
    (couldn’t get through any aeroplane door)

    Mind working with a fever for the mana of the greatest chief and tribe
    Mighty river mountain challenges he would easily swallow like a fly
    His drink the waters of Taupo Moana, lesser rangatira were his kai

    Kaingaroa, Kaingaroa, have your last meal Marangaranga this sweet good for nothing war
    Rolling Ru, Mokai Patea, Rereahu you risk bordering on tragedy
    Repair your kete thankless remnant Raukawa
    Who now to chant down drown squish all trickster stradgedy?

    Go we hope with Rongomai to the right side of Te Ariki
    Not the dark or songless forest downstream Mangamawhitiwhiti
    A tohunga need not climb Tongariro but burn bright fires from the southern shore
    Yes, we remember Matua Dickson
    One of the giants of Ngati Tuwharetoa

  2. Tena koe,

    Please make a slight correction to the story He Aitua – Dickson Chapman, Dickson was a director on the Te Whenua venture holdings. He was the Secretariat Manager of the CNI Iwi Collective and also the Secretariat Manager of the Tuwharetoa Settlement Trust which established the Tu Whare Oranga (Home insulation project).

    Nga mihi
    Na Raina

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