May 9, 2021

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National Hui on Water Called

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The time to unite on the issue of water is now came the call from King Tuheitia earlier today.

In a series of reports, King Tuheitia and Tukuroirangi Morgan have announced a pre-emptive hui to gather Maori voice and opinion on the recent decision by the National Government to halt the partial sale of State Owned Enterprise energy company, Mighty River Power.

The hui is planned for Thursday 13th September, to be held at Turangawaewae Marae.

Responses have been swift with environmental leader Mike Smith starting the korero:

Kia ora to all our friends and family who may not be able to attend the national hui instigated by Te Ariki Tuheitia and being held next week. I will be attending along with many others and the position I will be taking is this:

– Our first responsibility is to water itself and the need to continue to arrest the ongoing pollution of our waterways.

– Our second responsibility is to all life forms that rely upon clean water for their and our continued survival.

– Our third responsibility is to insure continued and free water to all domestic users with particular regard to schools, hospitals, and other public amenities

– In regard to commercial exploitation of water we reserve the right to control any use of water for commercial activity in order to reflect these principles.

The matrix being:Environmental rights and responsibilities,Human rights and responsibilities,Indigenous rights and responsibilities

This was matched by comments from the Prime Minister John Key who said that neither he nor any of his Parliamentary colleagues would attend. Key went one further by forbidding any MP, and in particular his Maori MPs, from attending the hui as they would be seen as representing the Crown.

These recent moves have again sparked the growing divide over world views that operate within Aotearoa and look to set the scene for increased activity over the coming days, weeks and months.



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