May 9, 2021

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Poverty hurting our kids’ education – Mahuta

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“Far too many Kiwi kids are living in poverty and new research has confirmed their health and educational outcomes will suffer as a result,” says Labours Education spokesperson Nanaia Mahuta.

A University of Otago study using seven years of longitudinal survey data shows that the longer children are living in poor households the more vulnerable they are to poor social and health outcomes.

“The sad reality is that far too many Maori and Pasifika children are affected by poverty and a sure sign in our schools is kids not having lunch or unable to concentrate because they are hungry.

“Labour will work alongside community groups to tackle this issue because we believe that all children should get the best possible start at school. Education is an investment in our future, and creates a lifetime of opportunities.

“I want to encourage principals, parents and community groups to engage with the submission process on the Expert Advisory Group for the Children’s Commission – Solutions to Poverty Report.

“Submissions are being received until the 12th of October, and you can forward your views to: [email protected] or at

“Our future as a country relies on our ability to give all children the very best opportunity through education. They deserve nothing less than the worlds best education,” says Nanaia Mahuta.

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