May 10, 2021

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Wind claim not official Ngapuhi policy

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(Radio Waatea) Ngapuhi chair has denied reports he is part of a Waitangi Tribunal claim to wind.

The claim has been proposed byNgapuhi maverick David Rankin, who says its similar to the New Zealand Maori Council-led claim for water.

Mr Rankin says his Te Matarahurahi hapu believes wind is a taonga, and it wants a share in the revenue generated by any state-owned wind farms.

A spokesperson for the Waitangi Tribunal says no claim has been received yet.

Mr Tau says it would not be an official Ngapuhi claim.

He says its good to have a discussion about what happens when the Crown creates and assigns individual property rights, such as whats happened with fisheries quota and what is happening with the water but it remains to be seen if the same principles apply to wind.

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