May 8, 2021

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Women’s leadership missing from settlement

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(Waatea News) The head of the marae maps project says the traditional gathering places for Maori communities seem to be overlooked in the current wave of treaty settlements.

Te Potiki National Trust has already collected public information on more than half of the countrys 800 marae, and it is now turning its sights on marae from East Coast down to Wairarapa.

Chairperson Paul Tapsell says the settlement process is focusing on economic returns, but the leadership isnt looking at the role marae can play, especially the contribution from wahine Maori.

The women are still looking at redistributing the well being, the wealth, for those families that are missing out. They seem to know what is going on, which whanau are in trouble and generally they ensured that those whanau didnt miss out. I dont see that kind of female aspect of leadership operating round the board rooms of settlement these days as it used to operate within marae context, Professor Tapsell says.

He says an alarming percentage of the countrys marae are in a poor state of maintenance, and iwi should consider whether settlements could be used to fund their upkeep.

2 thoughts on “Women’s leadership missing from settlement

  1. An insightful, acknowledging statement of wahine M?ori contribution to the well being of Maori communities, their whanau and whenua. W?hine for too long have been waiting to hear Maori men in leadership positions ask them for their contribution and value their perspectives. About time ‘we’ did the right thing by each other, acknowledge w?hine M?ori voice in all matters and decision making fora. When was the last time we heard, lets ask our w?hine for their perspective on water rights, Treaty settlement structures, economic priorities, leadership positions, protecting Papatuanuku, distribution of assets etc etc. Far too long. Thanks Paul for reminding us.

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