May 18, 2021

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Harawira fights charges (+his words)

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This message just came through from MP Hone Harawira, his simple words, his account of the court proceedings:

Kia ora

Went to court. 5 minutes. Spoke in Maori.

Refused to accept the right of the court to charge me for defending the homeless. Recorded as a not guilty plea.

Stood down till Nov 8 which will just be to set a date for a defended hearing.

Charge is so petty, it is only a finable offence.

Others copped obstruction and other charges and non-association orders as well.

Good crowd. Good support. Good media. Good bye.



9 thoughts on “Harawira fights charges (+his words)

  1. Too much Hone,The govt is trying to make NZ like AMerica Multi cultural diversity.Housing NZ is putting refugees and aliens in them state housing.

  2. Good on you. You are actually doing what you were elected to do; stand up for the rights of others and not defend govt policies all the time. Phil heatley meanwhile… sits in his office

  3. Agree with you all!!! Disgusting and embarrassing state of affairs! It’s all about the money, definitely not about the people!

  4. Bloody Shocking!!!This Govt is responsible for the Injustices of our People .They need to review Criminal Acts and Abuses of Past and present Govts .Rape ,Murder ,Genocide ,Corruption ,Land Confiscation to name a few …Hone gets charged for STANDING UP for the HOMELESS !!..WTF …History repeating itself !!!…

  5. Kia kaha Hone, you and Materia are the only politicians out there fighting for a just cause. The only ones who haven’t forgotten the little people.

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