May 19, 2021

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Kohanga Reo takes tamarki on a Hamilton Zoo safari

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(By Briar Joyes, Waiariki Polytechnic Journalism School)

A local Rotorua Maori immersion early childhood centre are taking their tamariki on an excursion to the Hamilton Zoo on the 1st of November.

Te Ara ki te reo ki Kuirau will assist the children to gain an understanding of other types of animals that live in our world and extend their language development with regards to Te Reo Maori.

The tamariki have a range of fun activities to do with the staff and whanau which will include korero about animal names, sounds, colours, sizes and the animals kai.

Ariana Walker, Head teacher of the kohanga said its also a good opportunity for the family to experience the learning with their children.

Its all about whanaungatanga, she said.

Miss Ripeka Hall, Grandmother of two children that attend the kohanga, said it will be awesome for the children to get out of the kohanga and experience all the amazing animals.

I think Im more excited about going to the zoo than my mokos, she said.

Te Ara te reo ki Kuirau said learning and development practices carried out in the centre are validated by the real life experiences gained from this type of excursion. Providing opportunities for the whanau to contribute and participate will without a doubt indorse these collaborative practices.

The children will enjoy a Barbeque lunch with their whanau before returning home to Rotorua at 2.30pm.






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