May 8, 2021

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(TV3) A fire investigator will this morning attempt to uncover the cause of a blaze which has seriously damaged a large marae in the Waikato.

Several people escaped unharmed from the Waahi Marae which caught alight at around midnight.

Fire Communications Shift Manager Jaron Phillips says teams were at the scene shortly after.

Seven appliances [were] brought in from around the Waikato two of those were water tankers. One of the problems the fire fighters faced was a shortage of water so those tankers were brought in from Huntly and Te Kauwhata.

A separate building near the marae has been badly smoke logged.

4 thoughts on “Marae burns in the Waikato

  1. Get it right!!!!!! Our marae did NOT burn down!!!! It was a whare at the papakaainga… Know it alls! pffffft…..

  2. Ae raa @Pat, it seems that whenever an article is posted about a story in the Waikato area, they are very vague and not very well researched leading to misinformation such as this. Articles about the Rotorua rohe however, too indepth and over emphasised. I don’t see what the point in posting this was if they were just going to do a half pai job. The title itself is seriously misleading and almost sensational. C’mon, as of lately you seem to be slipping, wheres the passion for investigative and informative journalism, pick your game up! Your lack of highly engaging articles (that we know you are capable of) is dissapointing.

  3. It was not the Marae it was a papakainga home on the Marae, Taane I Te Pupuke (Wharenui) pictured did not burn down.

  4. That is sad to hear I hope they uncover the cause of the fire and whanau are able to rebuild what has been lost.

    Nga mihi

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