May 7, 2021

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Calling for Indigenous Sovereignty – support the ‘Idle No More’ movement

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Te Wharepora Hou Maori women’s group is encouraging more support from Aotearoa around a global call for indigenous sovereignty. The Idle No More movement is an indigenous uprising movement which started in Saskatchewan in November. It was a First Nation’s people’s response to the Canadian government pushing through resource legislation without the ‘free, prior and informed consent’ of its indigenous people.

A focal point of the movement is the hunger strike being taken by Chief Theresa Spence of the Attiwapiskat Nation. She is on day 16 of her fasting in a bid to have Prime Minister Harper negotiate with her for better living conditions for the country’s First Peoples.

Marama Davidson of Te Wharepora Hou says “The call for indigenous sovereignty also acknowledges the unique relationship that indigenous people have with their lands, waters and resources. Iwi have always upheld that caregiving responsibility over resources but like many indigenous peoples around the world, we are facing aggressive legislation from our government that seeks to exploit resources in a way that is not sustainable.”

The Idle No More movement seeks to umbrella the indigenous efforts that have been happening around the world for hundreds of years against ongoing colonisation. Te Wharepora Hou is encouraging all people to join the peaceful revolution to honour and fulfil indigenous sovereignty to protect the environment. People can join the facebook page “Aotearoa in Support of Idle No More” for further information.

Tonight there will be an outdoor public projection on Waiheke Island which will feature images to tell the story of Idle No More.The images projection will take place in Oneroa Village at 10.30pm directly following a performance by ‘Mihirangi’ at Artworks. Further public projections will take place in Auckland city over the next couple of weeks.

Marama Davidson
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4 thoughts on “Calling for Indigenous Sovereignty – support the ‘Idle No More’ movement

  1. Stand in solidarity with indigenous peoples everywhere! Sign the petition and pass it on!

  2. I am a Canadian whom is totally ashamed of our Canadian Prime Minister for not meeting with Chief Theresa Spence of the Attiwapiskat Nation.

    Orville Faught

  3. Kia ora whanau , please back Idle No More. chief Spence is on the 16th day of her hunger strike. There are others, including the elderly, who are fasting in support. Soon people will begin to die. Please ask your political parties, including the Maori Party, to write to Primeminister Harper & request that he speak with Chief Spence. Otherwise she will die. This is about the right to protect Papatuanuku, as well as law, consultation & the keeping of treaties made with the Crown. Human beings around the world are coming to the support of the First Nations people & allies of Canada. This is a huge movement of people who say enough is enough to government lies & corporate rape of Papatuanuku. Please lend your support NOW! Haka for Idle No More!!! Send your support!!! Arohanui, Leon xxx

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