May 10, 2021

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Deadline extended for submissions on proposed District Plan

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Rotorua District Council (RDC) has extended the deadline by six weeks for submissions on its proposed District Plan.

The submission deadline has been extended from 18 January to the new date of 1 March 2013 following a number of requests from local organisations for more time to prepare submissions.

RDC Planning Services manager Liam Dagg said the council was happy to assist by extending the period for submissions.

He acknowledged that the Christmas and New Year holiday season could potentially reduce the opportunity for some people to access the proposed District Plan and prepare submissions by the original deadline.

The new March deadline allows people more time to work on their submissions and also give the council time to add to our programme of targeted meetings with stakeholders over key issues, such as the future of the CBD and transferrable development rights.

Theres also the added benefit of the new date lining up better with consultation that will kick-off for our 2013/14 draft Annual Plan preparations next year.

The closing date for submissions on Rotorua District Councils proposed District Plan is now 1 March 2013. The plan is available on the website www.rdc.govt or hard copies can be inspected at the council Civic Centre, District Library and City Focus. Submission forms are available from the council or submissions can be made online from the council website.

For more information: Liam Dagg, RDC Planning Services Manager, ph 07 351 8057 or 027 248 7775.


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