May 9, 2021

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Rangatahi Film: Greatness is a Lofty Mountain

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Kia ora whanau. We love to support Rangatahi efforts and received this awesome message about a film that reflects on the connection between people and the environment.

Kia ora Potaua.

Is there any chance you can help us out by broadcasting one of our stunning films created by a small group of year 6 children from Newmarket School.

Greatness is a lofty Maunga.

It is a finalist in the Outlook for Someday Film awards.

One of the creators of the movie is Emere Kaa. The late Hone Kaas grand daughter.Her dad is Nepia and her uncle is Rev Hirini Kaa.Her mother is Dr Ngarino Ellis Kaa.

Please help us promote this absolutely beautiful film out into the community.The film only has a short window for voting.

Please click the link above and cast your vote please whanau!

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