May 18, 2021

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Kaitiaki: Engaging New Zealand Students with a Mobile Game-Based Learning App, Ian Ruru

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New Zealand has one of the highest proportions of disengaged students of any OECD country. The majority of students in low decile schools are Maori and are more likely to leave school educationally disadvantaged.

1455381This disadvantage manifests itself in poor statistics around youth unemployment, social assistance, criminal offending and ill health.

It has been proposed that an accelerated roll-out of e-learning to schools and improving the school-to-work transition may reduce youth unemployment and the resulting social issues.

Kaitiaki is the first Maori mobile Game-based Learning App developed to engage and educate New Zealand School children.

This paper provides a rationale for the game design, content and integration of Matauranga Maori as a means to engage with these students.

The motivation behind Kaitiaki is to raise student achievement targets by using a fun gaming platform to convey learning.

Ultimately, Kaitiaki may herald a new genre of e-learning that by improving student achievement results in low decile schools may improve outcomes for Maori youth.

For more information, please contact:

Ian Ruru
[email protected]

2 thoughts on “Kaitiaki: Engaging New Zealand Students with a Mobile Game-Based Learning App, Ian Ruru

  1. Awesome Ian,

    it’s good to see that you are harnessing e-learning for Maori, kids are digital natives these days they expect these tools for learning. I agree increasing engagement through culturally responsive pedagogy is paramount. A big tautoko here. All the best.


    1. Fleur, thanks for the kind words and tautoko.
      Kaitiaki is a little App with a big future.
      Nga mihi

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