May 9, 2021

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Knights and Dames of the Orders of Chivalry

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Just days after the 2013 New Years Honours List was announced, we take a look at the list of Knights, Dames & Companions in our midst.

As a member of the British Commonwealth, we have staunchly stuck with the Honours System over generations, though the Labour Party took the equally staunch move to abolish Honours back in 2000. For them, it was about recognising home grown titles and to remove the overseas titular styled awards. When John Key and the National Party came back in and reintorduced the Honours System, they said equity around gender and bi-partisan selection was something they would work on. Meanwhile, many in the community saw the system as old world elitism, never mind its predominantly rich, white male benefactors and awarders. Still, we have them and more people are added to the ilst every year.

Please take a look at this list and let us know what you think – do you know any of the titlees personally? Are honours like this antiquated in modern Aoteaora? WHo else do YOU think should be honoured, and why?

Thanks to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet for this info:

Rolls of the Orders

Current members(by honour, then alphabetical by surname)

The Order of St Michael and St George (1818)
Knight and Dame Grand Cross (GCMG)
HARDIE BOYS, The Right Honourable Sir Michael, GNZM, GCMG, QSO 30 December 1995
TIZARD, The Honourable Dame Catherine Anne, ONZ, GCMG, GCVO, DBE, QSO 27 November 1990
Knight and Dame Commander (KCMG / DCMG)
HERCUS, The Honourable Dame (Margaret) Ann, DCMG 31 December 1987
PALMER, The Right Honourable Sir Geoffrey Winston Russell, KCMG, AC, SC 31 December 1990
The Royal Victorian Order (1896)
Knight and Dame Grand Cross (GCVO)
McKINNON, The Right Honourable Sir Donald Charles, ONZ, GCVO 9 March 2009
TIZARD, The Honourable Dame Catherine Anne, ONZ, GCMG, GCVO, DBE, QSO 10November 1995
The Order of the British Empire (1917)
Knights Grand Cross (GBE)
DAVISON, The Right Honourable Sir Ronald Keith, GBE, CMG 11 February 1978
EICHELBAUM, The Right Honourable Sir (Johann) Thomas, GBE 6 February 1989
Knights and Dames Commander (KBE / DBE)
ANDERSON, Sir John Anthony, KBE 31 December 1994
BOLT, Air Marshal Sir Richard, KBE, CB, DFC, AFC 16 June 1979
CARTWRIGHT, The Honourable Dame Silvia Rose, PCNZM, DBE, QSO 31 December 1989
DELL, Dame Miriam Patricia, ONZ, DBE, JP 31 December 1979
ENGEL, Dame Sister Pauline (Frances), DBE 17 June 1995
FRASER, Dame Dorothy Rita, DBE, QSO, JP 31 December 1986
GOODMAN, Dame Barbara, DBE, QSO, JP 31 December 1988
GUTHARDT, The Reverend Dame Phyllis, DBE 12 June 1993
HARPER, Dame Elizabeth Margaret Way, DBE 31 December 1994
JAMIESON, Air Marshal Sir Ewan, KBE, CB 17 June 1985
KEITH, The Right Honourable Sir Kenneth, ONZ, KBE 11 June 1988
KIRBY, Dame Georgina Kamiria, DBE, QSO, JP 11 June 1994
LAMB, Dame Dawn Ruth, DBE 12 June 1993
LATIMER, Sir Graham Stanley, KBE 14 June 1980
MACE, Lieutenant General Sir John Airth, KBE, CB 16 June 1990
MAJOR, Dame Malvina Lorraine, GNZM, DBE 15 June 1991
METGE, Dame (Alice) Joan, DBE 13 June 1987
MULDOON, Dame Thea Dale, DBE, QSO 31 December 1992
RESTIEAUX, Dame Norma Jean, DBE 13 June 1992
SALAS, Dame Laurie (Margaret Laurence), DBE, QSO 11 June 1988
SALMOND, Dame (Mary) Anne, DBE 31 December 1994
SCOTT, Professor Sir (Philip) John, KBE 31 December 1987
TE KANAWA, Dame Kiri Janette, ONZ, DBE, AC 12 June 1982
TEAGLE, Vice Admiral Sir Somerford Francis, KBE 11 June 1994
TIZARD, The Honourable Dame Catherine Anne, ONZ, GCMG, GCVO, DBE, QSO 31 December 1984
WARREN, Sir (Frederick) Miles, ONZ, KBE 31 December 1984
WEIR, Dame Gillian Constance, DBE 30 December 1995
WINSTONE, Dame Dorothy Gertrude, DBE, CMG 16 June 1990
WOODHOUSE, The Right Honourable Sir (Arthur) Owen, ONZ, KBE, DSC 13 June 1981
WRIGHT, Sir Allan Frederick, KBE 31 December 1981



Roll of the Knights Bachelor


Knights Bachelor (Kt Bach)
Alphabetical by surname
BARKER, The Honourable Sir (Richard) Ian 31 December 1993
BELICH, Sir James 31 December 1990
BOLT, Air Marshal Sir Richard, KBE, CB, DFC, AFC 16 June 1979
BRIERLEY, Sir Ronald Alfred 31 December 1987
BUCHANAN, Dr Sir John Gordon St Clair 31 December 2011
BURKE, The Honourable Sir (Thomas) Kerry 30 December 1990
CHAPMAN, Sir George Alan 12 June 1982
CHILWELL, The Honourable Sir Muir Fitzherbert 30 December 1989
CURTIS, Sir Barry John, JP 31 December 1991
DOUGLAS, The Honourable Sir Roger Owen 31 December 1990
ELWOOD, Sir Brian George Conway, CBE, JP 30 December 1989
FAY, Sir (Humphrey) Michael Gerard 16 June 1990
FOWLER, Sir (Edward) Michael 13 June 1981
GOODMAN, Sir Patrick Ledger, GNZM, CBE 17 June 1995
GRAHAM, Sir James Thompson, CMG 30 December 1989
GRAY, The Honourable Sir Robert McDowall (Robin) 31 December 1993
HADLEE, Sir Richard John, MBE 16 June 1990
HALBERG, Sir Murray Gordon, ONZ, MBE 31 December 1987
HAY, Sir David Russell, CBE 31 December 1990
HOLLAND, The Honourable Sir Alan Douglas 31 December 1994
INGRAM, Sir John Henderson, CBE 31 December 1993
JEFFRIES, The Honourable Sir John Francis 31 December 1992
JONES, Sir Robert Edward 17 June 1989
McINTYRE, Sir Donald Conroy, CBE 13 June 1992
McMULLIN, The Right Honourable Sir Duncan Wallace 31 December 1986
MAIDEN, Sir Colin James 31 December 1991
MOORE, Sir Patrick William Eisdell, OBE 31 December 1991
O’REGAN, Sir Stephen Gerard (Tipene) 11 June 1994
PETTIGREW, Sir Russell Hilton 31 December 1982
RICHARDSON, The Right Honourable Sir Ivor Lloyd Morgan, PCNZM 14 June 1986
SCOTT, Sir Ronald Stewart 14 June 1974
SKEGGS, Sir Clifford George, JP 13 June 1987
SOUTHGATE, Sir William David 31 December 1994
SPRING, Sir Dryden Thomas 11 June 1994
WALLIS, Sir Timothy William 31 December 1993
WATERS, Sir Neil Thomas Morris 17 June 1995
WEIR, Sir Roderick Bignell, JP 16 June 1984
WOODHOUSE, The Right Honourable Sir (Arthur) Owen, ONZ, KBE, DSC 26 September 1974
Cook Island Residents
The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (1917)
Knights and Dame Commander (KBE / DBE)
Alphabetical by surname
GOODWIN, Sir Frederick, KBE 2004
KARIKA, Dame Margaret, DBE 31 December 2011
TUAMURE-MAOATE, Sir Terepai, KBE 30 December 2006

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