May 10, 2021

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The Moving Land Below – 8 Earthquakes Shake New Zealand

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The earth moves, according to the korero which was shared with me, when the earth-bound atua Ruaumoko, shifts and turns within the puku of Papatuanuku.

She herself had been turned asunder by her sons so that she may never again see the proud face of her husband eternal, Ranginui, who had to beseparatedso that the mokopuna of the mighty atua could live.

We – meaningplants, birds, trees and oceans, clouds, mountains and people – are those Mokopuna and all live today because the earth providessustenance, whilst the sky nourishes our collective being.

And inside, Ruaumoko moves, as he did 8 times across Aotearoa – Te Wai Pounamu today (Sunday 21st Jan, 2012).

Check this pikitia out:



























For more information, please click here:

And if you feel any quakes, please post your korero here:


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