May 8, 2021

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TV3 banned from Te Matatini 2013 #haka2013 #TeMatatini2013

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TV3BannedTe Matatini has just announced that Mediaworks TV3 has been banned from Te Matatini for” using vision from the Te Matatini National Kapa Haka Festival 2013 for Friday (22.2.13) after its primetime 6pm news bulletin” which was in clear breach of news access guidelines.

Te Matatini managing director Darrin Apanui said he was very disappointed with TV3s actions, which breached an agreement between Te Matatini and host broadcaster Maori Television.

Mr Apanui wanted to send a strong message to all broadcasters who wish to access vision from Maori Televisions broadcast that any breach would be unacceptable. TV3 broadcast 26 seconds of vision of a performance on stage yesterday before it was allowed to.

  • The ban will take place from 8.30am today to 8.30am tomorrow.

The ban comes amid an rules developed as a result of the exclusive deal with Maori Television & Radio Te Arawa to broadcast the National competition.

While there has been some debate in terms of pros and cons, what we have seen on the ground is that media outlets who believe in the kaupapa of kapa haka and the value it brings to the community are willing to abide by those rules regardless.

8 thoughts on “TV3 banned from Te Matatini 2013 #haka2013 #TeMatatini2013

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  2. If it were the other way around, mainstream t.v. would have announced it as an act of terrorism! (Or something stink along those lines!) Yes “Te Matatini” is a positive story for the country to see for Maori, but there are so many things that are positive that happen round the nation and internationally as well that mainstream TV “CHOOSE!” not to televise as well.(To see what they are watch “maori Television”) They (TV 3),knew the guidelines and STILL decided to pursue “Te Matatini” Good job TV3 I say.

  3. Bad business decision to enforce “exclusive” coverage. snippets on other networks would act as publicity and attract views to who might not have been awayt to look for the main coverage. TV3 showing 26 seconds would in no way reduce view numbers on Maori TV. Like others have said, it is a positive Maori news story on mainstream TV, and a little free advertising for Maori TV’s coverage. Maori TV have misunderstood their audience and cost themselves potential audience and the chance to share with NZ society something beautiful

  4. They may show footage AFTER 8:30pm when those who have the exclusive rights have ha an opportunity to air the visuals, MTS news is on at 7:30pm. TV3 were aware they were in breach of Te strict guidelines.

  5. I’m not completely sure of the reasoning behind the ban but I watched the 3 news segment and thought, “wow, a positive Maori story on mainstream tv?” We need more of these. Let’s look at the bigger picture. Can Te Arawa respond as to why this ban exists? It’s looking like its all about the money. I’d be happy to hear otherwise.

  6. Money! Maori Television & Radio Te Arawa will be dictating the terms and conditions, and the irony being, their funding comes from all of us.
    I suspect best outcomes and nationwide publicity for Te Matatini National Kapa Haka Festival have been sacrificed in pursuit of the dollar, combined with a sprinkle of ego and bias.

  7. You are kidding, aren’t you? Why would you ban a news organisation who wants to report a positive news story? Unbelievable.

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